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Moods from Marbletown

Hello, friends and readers!

I’m extremely pleased to announce the arrival of my newest book, Moods from Marbletown.  It’s a collection of short humor pieces collected from my previous writings as well as some brand-new material to make it worth the jingle.  If you’re a fan of smart, literate written comedy, you’ll enjoy the living bejesus out of this bad boy, which is brimming with hilarity from stem to stern.  Even if you’ve been following my career for a decade, which, hey there crazy stalker!, there’s enough new stuff in here that I hope you’ll take a flyer and give it a chance.

Are there stories where Greek gods try out for porn movies?  Are there love letters from robots?  Are there plentiful Shakespeare jokes?  Are there angry chess-playing computers?  Are there Dungeons & Dragons guidance counselors?  Are there vague references to Batman?  Are there mashups of James Joyce and John Hughes, David Mamet and Dante Alighieri, and Raymond Chandler and Ayn Rand?  Are there obligatory appearances by zombies and Cthulhu?  Are there a bunch of cheap lists for when you get sick of all the brainy stuff?  YOU BET YOUR SWEET ABILITY TO READ ENGLISH-LANGUAGE TEXTS THERE ARE.

All that, and a snazzy cover design by cartoonist/artist/Internet punching sensation Calamity Jon Morris, to boot!  How could you not want the living hell out of this thing?

Well, want the living hell no longer!  Moods from Marbletown is available right this chicken-picking minute as a PDF, an e-book, and a plain ol’ softcover edition made out of actual paper!  And none of ‘em will cost you any more than dinner for two at the kind of restaurant where you might get ambushed by a meth-crazed Guy Fieri.  You can buy them with maximum ease by clicking on those links, clicking the “books” link on the right hand side or the bottom of this page, clicking on the graphic icon on the front page, or visiting my author page at Hulu, right here.  It’s almost impossible not to buy this con sarned thing!

Each purchase guaranteed to purty up your bookshelf and raise at least 3.5 picachuckles.  I appreciate your custom more than I can say, and I surely thank you.


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