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Yes, it's time once again to comb through today's referral log to see what search engine queries are leading people to my website. Today's referrals are pretty much the standard fare, though they contain at least one completely bewildering query and one question I'd rather not answer; however, at least today, a lot of the people looking for Shakespeare quotes, Benzino fan sites and comic book porn came from outside the United States.


“Mohammed al Baraday”
“mural over fireplace”
“lisa raye”
“render naked girl” (from Poland!)
“Komand’r” (twice, once from Canada!)
“songs of flying” (from New Zealand!)
“hairy Shaolin master” (from Australia!)
“abracadabra DC universe”
“programmed to love” (from Spain!)
“If you kill one, you are a murderer. Kill a hundred, you are a hero.”
“there was no such stuff in my thoughts”
“quadriplegic does the iron man”
“Benzino Lisa Raye” (five times!)
“worried Islam” (from New Zealand!)
“you will know that I am the lord”
“the source benzino die another day” (from Canada!)
“Marvel Guardsman”
“Gilles Deleuze biography” (from Paraguay!)
“buying soda fountains”
“quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine”
“Listen to Lee Greenwood I’m Proud to Be an American”
“captain universe handbook entries”
“poisonous money”
“captain cold mr. freeze” (from Mexico!)
“fucking Anal gog”
“sing with wing”
“how should I tell my dad that I masturbate?”
“Ray Ray Benzino’s son”
“Caprisun commercials”
“bollywood vinyl”
“Ludic Motive” (from Pakistan!)
“bad news first”
“you can’t keep her down on the farm”
“songs about flying”
“bangladeshi cooking”
“Club Z-No South Beach Miami”
“alan moore twilight”
“cosmic boy naked”
“baron blitzkrieg”
“I hate Omaha”
“That Darn Cat gagged”
“hygiene gay sex”
“drunken derelict” (from Australia!)
“Sprite pop can”
“Constrictor Frank Schlicting”
“mark gruenwald”
“Cindy Heller”
“starfire gallery”
“Sprite Tropical Remixes”
“the geek brother power”
“irv gotti interview”
“benzino photo”
“Funyuns recipe”
“meryl streep jewish”


COSMIC BOY naked? Come on, people. That's some seriously bad taste.
Tags: trivium

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