Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Mondays on the net with X

theludickid: "Experts: blackout could have been worse"
CLCGamma: oh, that's a huge relief.
theludickid: "Experts: WWII could have been worse"
CLCGamma: Experts: Experts ought be consulted on severity of blackout.

CLCGamma: i am going to pool all the pretend money that I make at poker and donate it to mr. lif so that he can buy a second intonation.
theludickid: Yay! I'm sure he'll appreciate that.
theludickid: If you have any left over, Cage could probably use one too.
CLCGamma: i can't believe you own cage records.
CLCGamma: i'm only like vaguely aware of him
theludickid: Well, I bought one on a friend's recommendation
theludickid: He said Cage's solo album sucked a lot less than you might think given his Smut Peddlers spots
theludickid: And, you know, he was right. It's not great, but it's pretty fun.
CLCGamma: heh
CLCGamma: it must suck to be not-quite-eminem
theludickid: Sure, just ask Pete Nice.

theludickid: AP: "Asia urged to promote condoms in AIDS fight"
theludickid: Hey, I've seen plenty of Asia's movies. She can't do it alone, people.
theludickid: (rimshot)
CLCGamma: i saw the jenna jameson E! special last night.
CLCGamma: man, is her new husband gay
theludickid: Yeah? I don't know who it is.
CLCGamma: i dunno either. just some unnaturally tan skinny guy with earrings.
CLCGamma: i mean, if I were a porn star, I can imagine that marrying a gay guy would be a good move.
CLCGamma: but they kept acting as if he were not, you know, gay
CLCGamma: it was very distressing.
theludickid: I have noticed that many porn stars marry preternatually schlubby guys.
CLCGamma: well, schlubby's one thing.
CLCGamma: willing to sit by while your wife's penetrated by two men at once, still one thing
CLCGamma: actually uninterested in sex with women, that's something else.
theludickid: Maybe it's to give hope to her fans.
theludickid: "Hey, she married a homo! I've still got a shot."
CLCGamma: it was something, that's for sure.
CLCGamma: she kept talking about how when she got pregnant she'd stop doing porn.
CLCGamma: i was like, man, why ignore that market?
CLCGamma: jenna jameson doing lactation porn, that's going to sell really well
Tags: im, laffs

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