Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

The pinch-hitter inside me

Last night I was watching the Sox game (we won, but barely, thank you very much Jose Paniagua, you busher), and the Twins put in a late-inning replacement hitter named Lew Ford. He proceeded to get a big double that touched off a 4-run 9th for Minnesota and gave me a few stressful moments before I could sleep.

But then I thought, okay, sure, so this Lew Ford guy is a good clutch batter. But the Twins have to listen to his stupid, banal cliches all day long, plus there's the ever-present threat that he'll kill one of them by shoving a barbed-wire cob up their asses.

THANKS SO MUCH LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Leonard Pierce, king of the obscure referential joke that isn't even funny if you get it.
Tags: geek, sports

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