Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Adventures in referral, Weekend Edition

Some seriously strange ones again this time out. What's WRONG with you people?

“Red Guardian comic art”
“dr. pepper with red fusion cap”
“thalia assuras”
“jazz geographical influences” (from Australia!)
“a dozen gorgeous cock fucks” (from Italy!)
“robot cat smarties”
“hip-hop car window decals”
“political quiz” (four times)
“Brad Pitt in Legionnaire outfits”
“comedy show featuring Green Lantern”
“black women monologues”
“famous mobsters”
“hulk face drawings”
“my freestylin’”
“free monologues for women”
“new jersey honk angry”
“original supervillain art”
“he wears a bad rug”
“why soda pop is bad for you”
“lance bass frat party”
“Catwoman Dave Stevens”
“Ra’s al-Ghul” (twice)
“Ra’s al-Ghul gallery”
“the 36 chambers of shaolin” (from Australia!)
“Kraft It’s Pasta Anytime Rotini with Mild Cheddar Cheese Sauce”
“Blackfire on Teen Titans”
“Lisa Raye”
“kids drawing contests”
“dazzler collector” (from France!)
“real magic spellbooks”
“fat fur art” (from Brazil!)
“arab mom”
“wing chun dragon style”
“Little Caesar vs. Scarface”
“diseased monkey”
“vanilla coke print advertisement”
“Marvel Comics Arkon”
“’cause he don’t know”
“killing joke jester logo” (from England!)
“benzino and lisa raye” (twice)
“filthy ragheads”
“lisa raye magazine cover”
“opera man slave”
“count bass d”
“captain cold costume”
“how to draw hot comic book women”
“fermented kool-aid”
“Adrian Brody”
“Bangladeshi cooking”
“sexy beautiful sixteen girl” (from Denmark!)
“sing with wing” (from Australia!)
“dopey costume”
“teenage boy costume tights”
“how to realize what kind of person you are”
Tags: trivium

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