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Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Oh, those crazy LGFers

A while back, I wrote a "poem" here on my LJ which consisted of quotes from a discussion board on the ultra-right-wing web log Little Green Footballs. Amused by the level of maniacal Arab-hating and absurdly overblown rhetoric displayed there, I figured I'd goof on them for a bit.

Apparently, one of them found the entry, and a bunch of them headed over to scold me. One of the biggest criticisms seemed to be that I was amusing myself at the expense of murdered infants (the quotes I used came from a message board about the bus bombing in Jerusalem).

Well, as you may know, Edward Said died today. Said (who, despite the remarkable ignorance of his life displayed on the LGF boards, was born in Jerusalem and was a Christian and not a Muslim) was a personal hero of mine: a brilliant scholar, a paradigm-shifting historian, an insightful literary theorist, and a highly accomplished linguist. He was an intellectual giant who added a tremendous amount to several different fields of knowledge, and he was a fearless proponent of civil rights for the Palestinians under Israeli occupation. He thoroughly analyzed (and refuted) a century of Western misperception of the Arab world in his groundbreaking book "Orientalism", and he was one of the (sadly) few people on either side who could discuss the whole Arab/Israeli issue in a rational way.

So, having scolded me for my reaction to their allegedly sincere grief over the deaths of those Israeli children, surely the LGF crowd wouldn't do the exact same thing themselves and post a bunch of crazy bloodthirsty lunatic nonsense over the death of this respected, beloved figure, right?

"Columbia just became a better university."

"ding dong the witch is dead"

"Now if only Chomsky and Zinn would kick the bucket..."

"Are we seposed to be sad? Truly, I am sad... Sad he wasn't taken out by the IDF."

"He was no good. I won't celebrate his death, but I will celebrate the end to his wicked venom."

"you have to admit it's appropriate - a cancer dies of cancer."

"Rot in hell scumbag"

"Hafez Assad of Syria is dead, as are Khomeini and Hitler. There are many fomerly living members of Hamas and Fatah, now also dead. Didn't weep for them, won't weep for this prick either."

"Said abused the generosity and freedom of the West in order to wage war against it within the scholarly community. A sophisticated hater with a PhD, he was nothing more than a propagandist for Islamic fascism in the guise of a professor. No tears for this monster."

"Said's specialty was not even the Middle East but languages. He was an Egyptian hack."

"WOOO HOOOO!!!! I'm sorry I just can't help it. He was an enemy of the State of Israel and a Jew-hater. I for one am glad he is dead, and if there is any justice in this world, he'll burn in Hell, right alongside Goebbels."

"I hope his death was long and painful, that he suffered, and that he rots in hell."

"May he burn in hell."

"Jewish children are a little safer tonight..."

"I wonder whether that was also one of his lies. Pretending he was a Christian so he would be viewed as less partisan."

"F-him and the camel he rode in on."

"Rot in hell, you bastard..."

"He was a believer in evil, and just because he never killed anyone with his bare hands doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to rot in boiling shit for all eternity."

"Can't say I'm sad in the least about this Nazi scumbag dying........of course cancer is never fun but what the reap what you sow........he was a lying prick.......the world is a better place today with this monster dead!!!"
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