Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Adventures in referral, Friday blowout edition

“lint in rectum”
“alternate reality wonder woman”
“RZA practice kung fu”
“watch ape having fuck with another ape”
“Revelations 30 St. John the Divine”
“Felix Faust picture” (from France!)
“poison ivy costume” (twice)
“Liz McKenna”
“naked she-hulk” (twice)
“cubicle living”
“nicola norris”
“Zen Heartbreak”
“sexy superman outfit”
“superman john byrne gladiator”
“pronunciation d’Yquem”
“cost of beats”
“millionaire oilman playboy”
“benzino’s son ray-ray”
“first adamantium”
“Doll Man voodoo rag sex”
“That’s the beauty of it quote” (from Canada!)
“flight attendant hat”
“the world is too much with us William Wordsworth help”
“Arabic Hi Magazine”
“dopey costume” (twice)
“underground gossip”
“some dictators”
“RENT monologues”
“the world is too much with us rhyme”
“Scarface Original Script”
“Thrill of the Grill”
“kids contests”
“slash wrists”
“metallo kryptonite heart”
“rolls royce toys” (from the Netherlands!)
“eighteen and I like it”
“dog filler”
“ric flair quote”
“driving in phoenix”
“with a dead girl or a live boy”
“Regina Giddens”
“Pepsi Company in Watertown Wisconsin”
“monster society of evil”
“sports violence”
“rennselaer poly ”
“lisa raye”
“Gilles Deleuze homosexual”
“parlor tricks”
“captain nazi”
“green striped tights”
“poison mountain dew”
“farmer boy costume”
“Doorway to Nightmare”
“giant ape’s language”
Tags: trivium

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