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The garbage strike is over! Huzzah. But where will all the rats go now that they're too fat to run? I have a feeling the answer is "my garage".

The weekend: got some DVDs Friday night and watched a couple (rented: Frida, The Godfather Part III, and the Soderbergh Solaris; bought: Full Metal Jacket, Fargo, and Season 1 of The Office). Saturday morning, woke up early (thanks cats) and did some writing, then went to see Kill Bill Vol. 1 with Lara and Jeff. Came back, did some more writing, then headed over to Doug & Andrea's to watch The Muppet Show, drink, get zooted, and play games, only one of which was completely incomprehensible. My capacity for alcohol continues to diminish by the hour. Once I'm 40 I'll collapse at the mere opening of a vodka bottle. Sunday woke up early (thanks cats) and did some more writing, then watched some more movies and the premiere of Season 2 of The Office, which was very funny.

And then Monday I woke up early (thanks cats) and told everybody what I did the three previous days.

See why I don't usually do these diaristic entries?
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