Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Adventures in referral - slander edition

Okay, the Bettina thing I agree with, but I think I'm being Googlesmacked on this last one...

“dirty harry analysis as a cop film”
“muscular Jap guy” (from Argentina!)
“Superman’s dog”
“anti-arab little green footballs”
“eminem benzino”
“odd man ditko review” (from England!)
“halle berry hate mail”
“famous mobsters”
“Bettina vavavoom”
“photo of benzino and lisa raye”
“romeo romeo were art thou romeo” (from Canada!)
“devastate me”
“Joe Brozowski” (from France!)
“Superman Mengele experiments”
“funky John Byrne”
“personal mister”
“hulk drawings”
“hipublicans reactionary”
“star sapphire dc”
“large gay comics Belasco”
“large photograph eminem” (from Australia!)
“spank in academy”
“chop chop comic”
“Charlie Daniels racist lyrics”
“equivalent of hell in muslim or slam”
“Galactic Golem”
“the source benzino reviews”
“park bench girl crap”
“Silver Age Cheetah”
“public nudity at Wrigley Field”
“dr. bedlam” (from Canada!)
“incredible hulk drawings”
“modern monologues women free”
“terra man”
“sexy gand”
“famous emetophobia”
“baron blitzkrieg”
“soda is bad for you”
“photoshopped x-men”
“Lar Gand”
“susan powter before after”
“atomic skull”
“kid eternity”
“names of songs about flying”
“dirty dozens black”
“red and yellow striped tights”
“man bat real name”
“kill bill anime”
“number twenty-four”
“lisa raye”
“Vibe Magazine hipublicans”
“Jon Morris is Gay” (from Canada!)
Tags: trivium

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