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As I mentioned some time ago in an entry I am too lazy to look up, I am writing, for publication on my log around Christmastime, a children's story. Well, sort of. It's a children's story for adults, or for children who are kind of fucked up. At any rate, it's a quasi-children's story, tentatively called "The Christmassiest Elf", about a North Pole resident whose greatest dream is to accompany S. Claus on his rounds, and whether or not he will get his wish. Reflecting my nerdiness, the story will be in rhyme.

Anyway, I have lately been thinking that the thing would be super-sweet if it was illustrated. There would, of course, be zero pay for this, but you would have the satisfaction of doing a bunch of difficult, time-consuming work for a person you barely know, so there's that. If you're an artsy type, particularly a drawsy type, and you'd be interested in possibly collaborating on this here thing-wad, then give me a shout below and I'll get you the details sooner and the script later.

(ON EDIT and on the advice of calamityjon, himself an artsy type if not a fartsy type, it probably would work out even snazzier if a whole gaggle of drarrers each contributed a panel or two. Once again, no $, but I'm happy to barter, to give you credit here and on my website, and to do anything else you'd like to participate in my likkle holy day project.

Again, if you're interested, drop me a line (leonard at ludickid dot com), and I'll get you the basic info right away and the script when it's done, which should be next weekend at the latest. Thanky-hoo!

And Jesus thanks you.
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