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So hey! How about one of those big-ass posts where I talk about all sorts of tedious bullshit instead of posting dozens of little tedious-bullshit posts? I love those! Yeah!


Today's Ludic Log is just a link. If you feel like catching up on the weekend, and God will forgive you if you don't, there's new lists and sausage, and some dopey thing about Lord of the Rings on Friday.


Speaking of the ol' LL, I'm still actively seeking guest columnists who want to write a piece for the site while I'm on Christmas vacation. I've got about five people so far, and I need maybe 9 more. So please do send me an e-mail at gueststar at ludic kid dot com if you're interested; you will be profusely thanked and promptly rewarded, not to mention all the fame you'll get. Come on! The President reads my site! And a whole lot of FBI agents!


Hey, NPR reporters: the "R" in NPR stands for "radio". And radio, being an aural medium, depends entirely for its effectiveness on the audiences being able to hear you. So, you know, if you want to be a low-talker because you think that makes you sound intelligent or something, more power to you, but it does sorta render your intelligent comments moot, because NO ONE CAN HEAR THEM. Thanks for your attention in this matter.


Also, NPR's "Morning Edition" just did an interview with Robert Plant about his appearance on the Festival in the Desert CD, and apparently at this late stage in his career, Plant is trying to wrest the title of Most Pompous, Oblivious, Self-Important Asshole in Rock away from Sting. Way to go, man!

Lately I've not been walking to work as much as I need to, and I've been feeling really guilty about it. I've generally been driving at least 3 days out of the week, which is two too many, and fucked up for any variety of reasons: it's a huge waste of resources; it's pointless, since I live pretty close to work; it's bad for my health (the walk to and from work is the only exercise I get some days, which is something I really should do something about as well); and worst of all, it doesn't even save time, since the route to my office is a super high-volume bottleneck, and I can usually get to work faster by walking than driving. And yet, it keeps getting darker (which makes me want to sleep in) and colder (which makes me want to be in my nice warm car), so here I am, driving the one mile again. This is going to have to change after New Years'. Sure, it'll be even colder and more miserable, but this is gut-it-out time. I need to start yelling at myself over this particular issue, because it's leading me down the fat-planet-destroying-hypocrite path, when all I want to be is a fat hypocrite.


WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH ALL THESE FUCKING GODDAMN FLYING INSECTS AROUND MY DESK? Seriously. This is driving me insane. Every fucking day at work I have to kill like a dozen gnats or flies or whatever the fuck these things are flying around my head. Now, I know I'm not that big a it the potted plants above my head that are attracting these things? WHAT IS IT? I'll start bathing in ammonia if I have to. It's like working in a swamp here.


Here are my thoughts on the BCS:

I have no thoughts on the BCS.


I need to rearrange my desk at home. The more writing I do, the more my arm is in agony, because at the moment, it's set up so that my left elbow doesn't have any desk support; it's just hanging off the end of the desk. However, there's two problems with this:

1. I have no room on my desk. Things are so crowded on there right now that I'm keeping my new DVD player on a milk crate under the desk, and I don't even have my VCR set up at all -- no room for it physically, and no place to plug it in.

2. I'm left-handed. This means that the mouse on my computer has to be to my right, so I can't just move the computer all the way to the right side of the desk. (I couldn't do this anyway, because then it would give me the same problem I'm having with my left arm in my right arm.)

So, basically, I have to put the computer right in the middle of the desk, which means I won't have room for the printer, the TV, the phone, the DSL box, the CD burner, and all that other happy crappy that takes up all the space. And the desk isn't that big in the first place.

You know, in some countries, people get shot at or raped on a daily basis, or they're starving to death or don't have any medicine and they live in a wooden crate. So here I am whining about having to rearrange my desk so my my poor widdle arm doesn't hurt while I'm using all my fancy electronics. That's great.


One of the sticking points about implementation of the Brady Bill is that critics want the background check information on gun buyers destroyed 24 hours after they are used. They don't want it kept, or compiled, or handed over to, say, the FBI, to be used as part of any sort of permanent record. This is an unwanted government intrusion into their right to privacy, the critics say. Which, of course, I agree with.

On the other hand, not a lot of people are saying that information that we complile on, say, Arab-Americans, or middle eastern immigrants should be destroyed 24 hours after we get it. Everyone seems pretty happy with the idea that the FBI can keep a permanent file on you for your entire life if you are from a troublesome Islamic-majority nation. I don't hear a lot of arguments that it's an unwanted government intrusion in people's right to privacy to have to register with the feds for no other reason than being a male of a certain age who comes from a particular part of the world. This I don't so much agree with.

What's essentially being said here is that people who are born Arabic are inherently less trustworthy and less deserving of their privacy than people who buy items that are specifically designed to kill other human beings. But hey, it's not racist! HA HA!


I can't believe I still have so much goddamn Christmas shopping to do. THANKS JESUS FOR BEING BORN YOU ARE TEH SHIT!!!1!


Many, many thanks to rum_holiday for the fantastic holiday smorgasbord on Saturday night. The food was absolutely terrific (especially that vodka-marinated sirloin, egads), the company and conversation was incredible, and I just had a good ol' time.

Also, rum_holiday gave me what very well may be the best Christmas-themed Christmas present of all time: a string of Christmas lights made out of shotgun shells. MAN I LOVE THAT!!!


Boy, wasn't that great? I feel like a younger, fatter, less insane Andy Rooney. Or a much younger, much fatter, much less insane Larry King. Baltimore! Hello! You have a question for Celine Dion's angel-baby?
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