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'40s addendum

I'll probably quote at length from this book of '40s ads in the future, particularly the goofy slogans and the flagrant racism bits, but here's some of the wartime ads I was talking about before. Try and imagine any big US corporation saying anything REMOTELY like this today. This was what you got during a REAL war, as oppose to the "spend $200,000 on an earth-raping 1-MPG Hummer, now available with built-in DVD player with surround-sound" ads you get during our current bogus 'war'.

“Americans – this Thanksgiving – welcome the privilege of ‘all-out’ effort. Schenley, on a war footing, does its part by using its vast facilities to make War alcohol. The Schenley Royal Reserve you enjoy today is drawn from our reserves – the largest in the U.S.A. – made and laid down in years gone by, and blended with finest grain neutral spirits for perfect mildness.”

“Trying to catch up with your demands…thousands of new Proctor irons and toasters. Your Proctor dealer will have some if them – though not nearly enough. But he’s on your side, remember – anxious to meet your needs. If your needs are not urgent – be patient. It won’t be long.”

“This must wait, of course, for peace. Today all of Farnsworth’s research, all of the skill and experience and knowledge gained through 16 years of development and manufacture are devoted to the production of superlative weapons and equipment for America’s fighting men.”

“In the spirit of ’43…’all out for Victory’…we are serving out Country first, and our customers to the best of our ability. Hickok: Where War Work Comes First.”

“So rich are oranges and grapefruit in vitamin C, that Uncle Sam has set aside the entire supply of canned grapefruit sections, canned orange juice, blended juice and concentrates for the armed forces. Fortunately one of the juices – grapefruit juice – is so plentiful that a moderate amount is available for civilian use. If you can’t always get your canned grapefruit juice, at any rate you’ll be glad to know it is reaching those boys who are teaching the Japs to ‘Remember Pearl Harbor’…in a way they’ll never forget!”

“Today Java is Jap held. Tomorrow the Japs will be blasted out of there. Hallicrafters short wave radio equipment in the first assault wave will help do the job. The day after tomorrow Hallicrafters will help introduce Java to the widening circle of new, world neighbors. On that day, and through this medium, new knowledge, new understanding will help secure the peace we’re fighting for. Hallicrafters radios, constantly refined under fire of war, will be ready for the peace with the finest short wave radio equipment available.”

“Millions of Cannon towels are now going to the Armed Forces. So you may find a smaller selection in the stores – fewer styles and a limited variety of colors. When the war is over, Cannon will again present the newest styles in the most charming colors.”

“The Emerson Electronic Radio is on the way. In the meantime, we urge you to take good care of your present Emerson. Try to make it last until the new Emerson Electronic Radio is available. Start saving for that Emerson Electronic of tomorrow. Buy extra war bonds and stamps today!”

“Naturally war needs have first call on ‘Scotch’ Tape for the duration. We hope that if you miss its convenient help around the house, you’ll remember it’s still working for you wherever it is. When those war jobs are done, ‘Scotch’ Tape will be available again for home use…better and handier than ever before.”

“If you can’t always get just the Interwoven Socks you want…please bear in mind…Interwoven was called upon to supply millions of pairs of socks to the armed forces. If you can’t find our products, you’ll know why.”
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