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Remember Abe Rosenthal? No? Then you're probably younger than me, and not obsessed with the New York publishing industry.

Back in the dizzay, Abe Rosenthal was the editor-in-chief of the New York Times, which is like being the Pope of Publishing. Unfortunately, his career begain in, I believe, the 1870s, so in 1986, just a few days short of his 614th birthday, the Times forced him to retire. But that didn't stop this churning engine of journalistic integrity!

He soon began writing a column called "On My Mind" that became famous for its cranky conservativism and utter incomprehensibility. Spy magazine, in particular, had a field day with his bewildering stream-of-unconsciousness writing style, and presented a monthly recap of his deranged old coot ramblings called "Out of My Mind".

Well, guess what? That was twenty fucking years ago, or near as dammit. Spy is dead and gone. But Honest Abe, now preparing to celebrate his millionth birthday, is still writing his crazy-ass column. And it makes as little sense as ever. Here's his latest, proof that his column is just as batshit as it ever was.

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