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Come on, music geeks: SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! Quiz.

NOTE: this is not a "What character in 'Barely Legal Furry ComiXXX' are you?" type of quiz. This is actually a quiz where I ask you questions to see if you know things. I posted it in a music forum where I spend a lot of time, and am inexplicably font of it. Also, thaitea is disqualified since she already knows the answers. There will be no prize other than pride of accomplisment, congratulations, and a chest full of Nazi gold.

This one should be tough, unless I'm overestimating its difficulty. The gag: each of the lyrics below is from a song that names a specific country in its title. Name the country.

Warning: some are semi-trick questions. GO BABY!

1. “Surely hip-hop was never a problem in Harlem/only in Boston/after it bothered the fathers of daughters starting to blossom.”

2. “Well, I’ve never been to Heaven/but I’ve been to Oklahoma/now they tell me I was born there/but I really don’t remember.”

3. “I remember a man who jumped out from a window over the bay/there was hardly a raised eyebrow/the coroner told me ‘this kind of thing happens every day’.”

4. “I hope and pray someday the world will learn/that fires we don’t put out will bigger burn/we must save freedom now at any cost/or someday our own freedom will be lost.”

5. “I’ve seen places, faces, and smiled for a moment/but oh, you haunted me so/still my tongue-tied young pride/I’d not let my love for you show/in case you’d say no.”

6. “The little girl has lost her way/with hair of gold and eyes of gray/reflected in his glasses as he watches her.”

7. “They say my momma’s dead/but I don’t care about it/they say my baby’s dead/but I don’t care about it!”

8. “If you’re troubled and you can’t relax/close your eyes and think of this/if the rumors floating in your head all turn to facts/close your eyes and think of this.”

9. “You’re a star-belly sneech/you suck like a leech/you want everyone to act like you/kiss ass while you bitch/so you can get rich/but your boss gets richer off you.”

10. “I cut myself a two-foot switch from some tropical hardwood nearby/and the sounds of a carnival drifted miraculously through the air from a thousand miles away/the monkeys jumped from tree to tree/it sent a deadly chill through me.”

11. “Other arms reach out to me/other eyes smile tenderly/still in peaceful dreams I see/the road leads back to you.”

12. “Neon on my naked skin/passing silhouettes of strange illuminated mannequins/shall I stay here at the zoo/or should I go and change my point of view/for other ugly scenes?”

13. “I’m gonna sit at the welcome table/I’m gonna sit at the welcome table/I’m gonna sit at the welcome table/gonna sit at the welcome table one of these days.”

14. “Ain’t nothin’ like it, her shiny machine/got the feel for the wheel, keep the movin’ parts clean/hot shoe, burnin’ down the avenue/got an on-ramp comin’ through my bedroom.”

15. “Sul mare luccica/l’astr d’argento/placida e l’onda/prospero il vento.”

16. “Oh, the sun was high and the earth was small/just a tiny little muddy ball/and the captain tried to sell his shoes/to a foreign bloke, but he refused/but there was nothing any of us could do/to stop that damn thing swallowing you/when the dawn came up and I paced the deck/there were limpets growing around my neck.”

17. “Flight 45, last seen alive on the runway/leaving for some fun in the hot tropic sun, back next Monday/and our friends are there at the airport/Cousin Bill says ‘Enjoy the water sports’.”

18. “Now that I’ve dropped out/why is life dreary-dreary?/answer my weary query/Timothy Leary, dearie.”

19. “Thirty-six hours/rolling in pain/praying to someone/free me again/oh, I’ll be a good boy/please make me well/I promise you anything/get me out of this hell.”

20. “A cloud appears above your head/a beam of light comes shining down on you/the cloud is moving nearer still/aurora borealis comes in view.”
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