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Ow! My neck!

So, looks like Joementum changed to Joenertia. Not sorry to see you go, you G.O.P.-in-disguise piece of shit...if I had to hear one more flinty bleat about "values" I was gonna start throwin' some Joelo-punches.


My main man Kucinich is not only coming in last these days, but he appears to be getting less votes that people who have actually dropped out of the race, like Carol Mosely Braun, and people who aren't even running, like Hillary Clinton. I hear Walter Mondale outdrew him in Oklahoma, and I'm pretty sure I got more votes than he did in Arizona.

However, my non-main-but-much-more-likely-to-actually-win-the-election man John Kerry is romper-stomping all over the place. As we speak, the G.O.P. are sweating him, trying to think of some way to spin his Viet Nam War hero status to make it look like a bad thing, lest they have to explain why their candidate spent the war playing hooky from the military and snorting coke out of a hooker's belly-button. Not that I wouldn't have done the same thing, mind you...

Speaking of extremely desperate spin, it's fun to watch the talking heads of the right give themselves whiplash by changing the official story on WMD from "The CIA and the State Department are hampering the president's efforts in Iraq" to "The CIA and the State Department oversold the case for war with Iraq". Only a few months ago, every neo in the country was shouting from the rooftops about how State was coddling the Arab nations and the CIA wasn't on top of how extensive the Iraqi weapons program was; some of the pundit class even wrote books about it. Now they're instantly outdated as the sanctioned word becomes how State was too gung-ho to give good advice and the CIA exaggerated how extensive the Iraqi weapons program was. Crown this all with the supreme bullshit irony that both here in the U.S. and in Great Britain, probes are being announced with great fanfare -- into whether or not the intelligence was exaggerated, rather than the most obvious factor: the political decisions that led to war. Trying to pin this soggy, bloody mess on intelligence failures instead of political decisions made years beforehand is the worst kind of buck-passing, and God help us if we fall for it.


Hey, how about that ricin scare, eh? Government sources are now saying the reason there were no fatalities was because of the swell safeguards the White House developed after 9.11, which is a funny way of saying "because there wasn't enough ricin to kill a gopher". At any rate, this and the whole Pakistan situation are USDA-prime examples of how the current administration traffics extraordinarily well in the politics of fear. And boy, is it working! WHOO. Here's something to read: Theater of War by Lewis Lapham. If you're not fully aware of how keenly you're being suckered, this is the book for you.

Also, does anyone remember the anthrax mailings? Maybe? It's funny: a handful of Muslims blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and now, almost three years later, we've invaded two Muslim countries (neither of which were home to the attackers), we've detained thousands of Muslim citizens and non-citizens (some indefinitely, without trial, without charges, and without access to a lawyer), and we've as much as put a billion people on notice that we're coming for their ass. On the other hand, a series of attacks against equally prominent institutions, obviously committed by terrorists, resulting in a huge disruption of our infrastructure, and resulting in a number of deaths...has just disappeared. No arrests made. No suspects named (except in secret, not for attribution). No countries invaded. Hell, I haven't even heard a fucking word about it on the news in over a year.

I wonder why that is? Maybe because of the origin of the anthrax, or the skin color and religion of the prime suspects? I dunno. It sure is strange, though, how that big big story just totally went away.


Boy, this was a hell-ass long post! Sorry about that, friends list people. I will sign off with a question: who wants to buy me an expensive new computer? I'll give you something in trade! I'll write you a story about cavemen, or burn you a CD of Keiji Haino, or something. COME ON! Do it.
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