Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Wri'in' updateskoo

It's a balmy 41 outside! I think I may wear SHORTS today, gawblessit...

Been writing like a house on fire (well, not so much like a house on fire, but more like a man who has been writing a lot). Submitting here, accepted there, edits here and everywhere, even did a little work on the crappy novel. I tell you, it's the easiest thing in the world to have willpower and stick to your work when you're actually doing it; it's the hardest thing in the world when you aren't. Anyway, I'm walking to work every day, I'm eating (slightly) better, and I'm getting a ton of work done, and that ain't bad so fuck-you-sideways, life.

Opera to-night fo' sho'! Then the annual Mardi Gras party at Sean & Michelle's on Saturday...will my life of fun ever stop percolating? I think not! I think not!

Some notes I made a while back about some writing projects I want to pursue one of these days got water-damaged by a process far too tedious to describe. Now I have to reconstruct all this blurry horseshit written in my already-indecipherable hand. This is one of the many, many reason I hate writing by hand, and I very much don't hate writing with a computer. I need to get a laptop more than ever, but that probably ain't gonna happen given my currently dismal financial outlook. I will never understand 'til the day I fucking die people (and thankfully there are fewer of them every year) who claim to not be able to write using a keyboard, be it typewriter or word processor or computer. If there's one thing I know about writing, it's that a huge amount of being a good and successful writer is using your time properly. Good writing requires huge, huge chunks of time to do it -- to write, to rewrite, to think, to change, to edit, to polish. (This is one reason there's not a lot of good writing -- who has that kind of time?) And no matter what bullshit reasons you have for not liking a computer, it simplifies the physical process of writing -- it makes editing, rewriting, searching, changing, and saving your work take far, far less time, and gives you that time back to do the actual writing. Handwriting is physically difficult and time-consuming; it's extremely vulnerable -- once you lose or damage something hand-written, it's gone; and it makes rewriting or editing a matter of weeks or months instead of days. And unlike, say, art, it doesn't even have any inherent aesthetic value: no one wants to read Crime and Punishment in its original handwritten version. People who are enamored of hand-writing always strike me as pretentious or affected at worst and foolish at best: they're willfully sacrificing huge chunks of time, the writer's most important resource.

Speaking of time, you know how they say (you know, THEY) that the easiest way to do something is to learn to do it yourself? Yeah, sometimes. But most of the time, bullshit on that. Like, I have had a great deal of difficulty finding a collaborator to do art on this dopey-ass comic book project I wanna do. It's very, very hard to find someone reliable and talented who has similar ideas and similar interest in the material and who is willing and able to work with me. But would that be easier to do myself? Sure, all I have to do is stop working on all the other writing I want to do and spend the next quarter-century practicing drawing until I get good enough to do it myself. Simple!

Okay, that's enough vapor out of me today. I even bore myself, don't feel alone.

And how are YOU today, little peaches? What would YOU do if you had more time? That's today's question. Tell me do.
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