February 3rd, 2003

flavored with age

Another seven deaths in Palestine

I know I should have something grand and relevant to say about the space shuttle disaster, but I don't.

I'm no fan of NASA. I've never been particularly enthralled with space travel. And even in the heady days of the early '80s, when we were being told every day how America could do anything, I never really was that fascinated by the space shuttle.

In the end, all I can do is say that it saddens me that seven people died, and hope that this wasn't (as the last one was: even more than the image of the explosion, the image of Richard Feynman's simple, breathtaking, damning experiment at the hearings stays with me) the result of greed, ego and stubbornness.
flavored with age

Ladies and gentlemen!

#1 on my hit parade of commercials that frustrate and anger me right now is the Levi's commercial, where a white guy with dreadlocks and his junkie girlfriend stand down a rampaging herd of buffalo while wearing their fancy overpriced denim.

It's predictable to say I would enjoy this commercial a lot more if the immediately detestable couple was trampled by the herd, but I'm going to say it anyway. Like most commercials I hate, this one throws me into a tizzy of cognitive dissonance. Aside from the vague theme of "extremeness", what's trying to be established in this commercial? That Levi's aren't obliterated by proximity to large, fast-moving objects? That our cities are overrun with dangerous herd animals? That standing around while buffalo run past you is the hip new trend among the beautiful people?

Levi's! They're bison-confrontingly good!
flavored with age

Another quizzo

To please my public, and to defy LJ's toadies with their fancy radio buttons, here's another hip-hop opinion poll -- this one a two-parter! That's value for your scrilla, ain't it?

1. What is the most predictable rhyme in contemporary rap music?

(a) nigga/trigga
(b) Glock/cock
(c) bling/ring
(d) bitches/riches
(e) e-mail/female
(f) homosexual/po-mo textual
(g) you just made that last one up
(h) the entirety of Dr. Dre's "The Chronic 2000" album

2. Which rapper is most desperately in need of a ghostwriter?

(a) Noreaga
(b) Ol' Dirty Bastard
(c) Noreaga
(d) Nelly
(e) Noreaga
(f) Canibus
(g) Noreaga
(h) NOREAGA, motherfucker
flavored with age

Stand down before the culinary might of the Arab

This hummus I am eating is so goddamn good. It's better than sex, because more easily accessible (to me, at least). It's better than inheriting a million Confederate dollars. It's better than recording an album with the Real Stan. It's better than punching Nixon in the stomach. It's better than the shitty lunch I had today.

Speaking of really good things, the love of my life Michelle sent me a Christmas present! Sure, it's February, but she lives in Arizona, cut her some slack. It's the latest Onion book. Hurrah! I love it when people send me free things.
flavored with age

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