February 18th, 2003

flavored with age

Today in neo-conservative America, special commemorative "Screw Everybody" edition

Jonah Goldberg: Screw France.

Bill Murchison: Screw war protestors.

Marvin Olasky: Screw reporters.*

Mona Charen: Screw Islam.

Matt Towery: Screw Europe.

Dennis Prager: Screw Europe.

Phyllis Schlafly: Screw foreigners.

Frank Gaffney: Screw Arabs.

Diana West: Screw Arabs.

Rich Lowry: Screw non-Christians.

*: This is the stupidest article ever written in the history of the neo-conservative movement.
flavored with age


I got an e-mail from an acquaintance yesterday in which she confessed that my LiveJournal interests "disturbed" her.

For those who have quite sensibly never bothered to read my user info page, my 'interests' include such things as torture, war, and murder, and she gleaned that I might be some kind of closeted sicko or serial-murder fetishist. Well, allow me to clarify, person I barely know:

First, I am sort of interested in torture, war and murder, since I am fascinated with the antisocial manifestations of the social animal that is man. However, lest you worry, let me point out that my 'interests' list was in fact meant to be a joke.

Allow me to explain: I don't really like writing up my 'interests' (about which see below). But since there's a spot for it on the LJ user info page, I decided to toss in a few legitimate interests of mine (baseball, comics, postmodernism, literature) and then list a whole group of horrible things and then an incongruously innocent thing. So I typed in something along the lines of "horror, death, torture, murder, chaos, war, and kittens". Meant, you see, as a gag. But, unbeknownst to me at the time, LJ alphebetizes your interests list, thus spoiling the build-up of the gag and making it appear as if I am a psychopath instead of a garden-variety sociopath.

As to why I don't like listing my interests, the reason is that, with a few long-term exceptions (such as those mentioned above), they are extremely frangible. My interests have ranged all over the map the last 30 years, and what I'm into today, I may not be into tomorrow. However, to further ease your mind, here are a number of things I am interested in this week. If, after reading this, you still think I am slightly insane, well, get in fucking line, is all I can say.


Underground hip-hop; shotguns; English cuisine; competitive skateboarding; Scandinavian black metal; Paul de Man; pacifism; Arabic calligraphy; Martha Graham; the Legion of Superheroes; sans-serif fonts; horticulture; post-war German literature; "The Getaway" for PlayStation 2; early Christian theology; game theory; Marvel comics of the late 1960s; old-time radio; bourbon; and movies about organized crime.
flavored with age

STOP! Living off studios

With "X-Men" and "Spider-man" turning out to be actually good, "Daredevil" #1 in the nation, "The Hulk" on its way, and "Iron Man" already in the works, I turn my 'attention' to what other beloved comics 'properties' are ripe for a big-screen 'treatment. And I wonder, first, what Marvel characters are left to milk, and second, can a DC comic get a little love up in here?

Let's take a peek.

1. CAPTAIN AMERICA. In these days of car-flags and jolly jingoism, it would seem to be an ideal time for Captain America to hit the screen. I have it on good authority that Cap ceased to exist several years ago upon being accidentally exposed to toxic levels of Rob Liefeld, but that doesn't mean he can't smash some 'rabs in a theatre near you. I do recall that some time ago, there was a Captain America movie that went right down the shitter (also, I seem to recall a Punisher movie around the same time, and I also recall them both being played by Dolph Lundgren, but then I smoke a lot of herbalz). But that only means it's time to rescue Cap's glorious mantle from the trash heap and reflect some kick-ass American glory. Projected casting: Jason Priestley.

2. DOCTOR STRANGE. What can I tell you? I'm a sucker for early Ditko. I always had a weakness for the Master of the Mystic Arts, and think of what could be done with the franchise on the silver screen: gratuitous Cleo action; dread motherfuckin' Dormamuu; Baron Mordo, the world's lamest arch-villain; crazy-ass CGI effects; and Jet Li as Wong. There was (I again recall in my drug- and age-addled brain) a pretty decent Dr. Strange TV movie in the 1970s starring some anonymous dude with a man-perm, but since I'm too lazy to look it up on IMDB, I'm just going to pretend I imagined it. Projected casting: Cary Elwes.

3. MODOK. Okay, he's not a hero, he's a villain. Okay, so he's not even a money villain like Galactus or Dr. Doom. But I WANT A MODOK MOVIE. You know they're not gonna use him in te "Iron Man" movie, the fuckers. He's a mental organism designed only for killing, damn it! If that's not Oscar fodder I don't know what is! I demand a big-screen appearance by MODOK or I will begin bootlegging "X-Men 2" DVDS. Projected casting: Jason Biggs.

4. DR. DOOM. Speaking of villains. The Dr. Doom story is hella good drama -- parental loss, overweening pride, vanity, monomania. Plus, the motherfucker has his own country and an army of killer robots. Not even Sam Hamm could fuck that up. Well, okay, he could, but that's not the point. Also, due to some sort of demented copyright tangle that resulted in a truly hideous direct-to-video movie being made a while back, we aren't getting a Fantastic Four movie anytime soon, so Dr. Doom is the next best thing. And, as if all that weren't enough, the soundtrack is already written! Just pay some royalties to Tuscadero, Kool Keith and MF Doom, and you've got my favorite ever supervillain PLUS a slammin' hip-hop album tie-in. Proper! Projected casting: Ralph Fiennes.

5. THE SUB-MARINER. Okay, Prince Namor, in the hands of a bad writer, is pretty boring. And all he's ever had are bad writers. Still, he's not as dull as Aquaman, and pretty soon, the studios will be scraping the bottom of the barrel for Marvel properties. I dunno, he could fight a giant whale, or Attuma, or some shit. Projected casting: Vin Diesel.

6. POWER MAN. Tell me how fucking Iron Fist gets a movie and not Power Man. Luke Cage is a super-bad-ass hero for hire. Luke Cage wears a pimp shirt and a chain for a belt. Luke Cage is so crunk that Nic Cage named himself after his black ass. The fact that they went with pussy Master of Kung Fu knock-off Iron Fist is just proof of how racist Hollywood is. What, you think every black man in America ain't gonna run-not-walk to the theatre to see a Power Man movie? Luke Cage is "Shaft" with super-strength, you shitheads. Make this movie. Projected casting: L.L. Cool J.

7. WONDER WOMAN. With Superman having transformed into America's most beloved wheelchair director, and Batman having transformed into America's crappiest ongoing movie franchise, that leaves only that gal in the satin tights fighting for our rights as the DC Big Three without a silver screen appearance. Now, I was never a big fan of WW, even in the George Perez era; she, like Prince Namor, was a big snooze who always got handed to crappy writers. But I nonetheless support a Wonder Woman movie, because I enjoy masturbation. Proected casting: Catherine Zeta-Jones.

8. GREEN LANTERN. I want them to do the Kyle Rayner version, and also he should die by slow torture at the end. Projected casting: Vincent Gallo.

9. THE FLASH. Okay, he's dead, or is Wally West, or is a girl, or something. But hear me out. I would like them to do a movie of the Barry Allen version of the Flash, and WE SHOULD NEVER SEE HIM. He should always be running so fast that he's totally invisible. We could get Stan Brakhage or Michael Snow to direct it. The Flash would be represented as a micro-second long blur of light. And they should have the entire Flash Rogue's Gallery as the villains, because the Flash had the lamest enemies of all time. Projected casting: none.

10. THE BADGER. Hey, they ruined "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"; why not ruin some other indie super-comics? Tell me the Badger wouldn't be a lot of fun in a movie. He's a crazy-ass kung fu guy; his best friend is a billionaire wizard; he's an abusive alcoholic Viet Nam veteran; and he's completely batshit crazy. That's something for everyone! Also, Mike Baron doesn't seem to have anything to do these days, so we could probably get him to write the screenplay for nothing. Demon-liquefying, paranoid-schizophrenic fun for the whole family. Projected casting: Owen Hart's reanimated corpse.