February 20th, 2003

flavored with age

I'm in pieces, Bitson, pieces

My head hurts and LiveJournal is sucking like Bret Easton Ellis today, so I'll just spit out a few quick clips.

- Sure, vodka tells you it loves you. But the next morning, you'll get less respect than Rodney Dangerfield.

- Everybody's pal, James Lileks, puts on a virtual clinic on how to be a moronic pro-war demonizer in his Wednesday column. I was going to do a point-by-point of it, but I have a hangover.

- The point of revising work instructions is to make them more comprehensible, not more complicated. I don't think my boss reads this journal, though, so he may never learn this valuable lesson.

- I think I've passed the Coppola Line, educationally speaking. I've now learned more since I dropped out of school than I learned when I was in school. Who's gonna throw me a party? Nobody.

- I would be really good-looking and sexy if only I looked different and had a different personality. So close!

- Sriracha chili sauce is fucking awesome.

- Last night, before I got drunk, I realized that I actually write quite a lot. It's not all great, or even good, writing, but it's really not as appropriate as it used to be to beat myself up for not writing more. I actually felt something that lived in the same ZIP code as pride when I realized this.

- I like the internet, because I've met interesting, funny, intelligent and cool people on it. And it makes doing research a lot easier. And it cuts down on my phone bill. Plus: porn.