February 24th, 2003

flavored with age


I have a lot of work to do today. This isn't going to stop me from updating, but it will ensure that the updates are short and uninteresting (as opposed to long and uninteresting). Come visit me in Chic; I promise that I'm more entertaining in person, or at least I'll get you drunk.

Hey. BASEBALL'S COMIN'! I'm inexpressably excited, which should tell you something about my life.
flavored with age

NPR giveth, NPR taketh away

Snowy, snowy on the way to work today. NPR kept me company with a couple of entertaining stories.

Juan Williams interviewed the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who was of course in a froth over the whole "borking" of Miguel Estrada. I find this whole Republican furor over Estrada's nomination terribly comical, of course, because it was the GOP -- specifically, John Ashcroft and Orrin Hatch, whose chickens are coming home to roost in a particularly noisy manner -- who invented the whole tactic of using Senate procedure to delay indefinitely the judicial nominees of Bill Clinton. Their sudden discovery of the moral high ground, where it is clear that nominees should be selected only on their qualifications with no consideration given their ideology or that of the person nominating them, will last not one second longer than a Republican presidency; as soon as a Democrat is back in office, they'll go right back to doing it, and will throw the fact that they mouthed these pieties about doing the right thing down the same memory hole where, when George W. Bush took office, they threw the fact that they pioneered this tactic in the first place.

Also, a reader, or should I say squeaker, wrote an angry letter denoucing as "patronizing" a smirky NPR report about how Wheaton College has just now, in the year 2003, decided to allow dancing on campus. The squeaker said that they treated the whole thing as a joke, and didn't examine the "reason" the ban was enacted in the first place: to combat forces of "sexual immorality" and "drugs" that have "bedeviled" our society. And all I could think of was, making fun of people who think that you should ban dancing because it allows sexual immorality to bedevil our society is one of the best things about being alive. I come down firmly on the side of mocking people who even think things like that. I realize this makes me a terrible elitist, but, there you have it.