February 28th, 2003

flavored with age

Political crankdom of the day

Remember when Clinton was president? Remember that? And all the righty pundits were saying that the reason that it mattered that he got a knobber in the White House is because character is important? And because the man on top sets a moral example for the rest of the country to follow?

I wonder what that means now that the man on top is a dismissive, unilateralist, bad-boss type who barks orders, doesn't give a shit what anyone else thinks, tells the rest of the world to go fuck itself, thinks himself unanswerable to anyone, rolls his eyes when someone mentions democracy, doesn't approve of dissent, looks the other way when his rich friends get in trouble, and generally behaves as if the United States is something his dad left him in the will.

Maybe being a liar is only bad when it's about sex.
flavored with age

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