March 7th, 2003

flavored with age

Fuck everybody

Paul Krugman has a piece in the Times today about how the Bush administration is gearing up to do to Mexico what we did to France.

Of course, this absurd, bullying provocation is being orchestrated by the government (despite claims that it, like the moronic, juvenile France-bashing, is a simple expression of popular will). Of course, it's being completely underreported in the US press. And of course, the President doesn't see anything wrong with it.

God, I'm so sick of it all. Krugman nails it just right: it's shameful. That's the only way to describe it.
flavored with age

Which member of the Godhead are YOU?

1. My favorite food is:

(a) manna
(b) figs
(c) I don’t eat

2. On the weekend, I like to relax by:

(a) smiting the children of Israel with a plague for their insolence
(b) cleansing lepers
(c) appearing over the heads of the faithful in the form of a tongue of flame

3. My favorite band is:

(a) God’s Favorite Band
(b) The Jesus Lizard
(c) Norman Greenbaum

4. My relations with the opposite sex can best be described as:

(a) condemnatory
(b) nonexistent
(c) I have no sex to be opposed

5. I really, really hate:

(a) Baal
(b) fig trees that are not in season
(c) the fact that I am considered the Ringo of the Holy Trinity

6. If I had a nickname, it would be:

(a) “Short Fuse”
(b) “The J-Man”
(c) “Who?”

7. My best friend is:

(a) a huge two-headed beast covered in eyeballs who spits thunder and chants “Holy, Holy, Holy” all day and night
(b) stupid
(c) myself

8. I look upon Satan as:

(a) a big fucking ingrate
(b) the Tempter
(c) another guy who’s lucky enough to have a body

9. I fear for my life when I catch a glimpse of:

(a) Friedrich Nietzche
(b) Caiaphas
(c) the Ghostbusters

10. When it comes right down to it, I’m just your average, ordinary:

(a) omnipotent, all-seeing, vengeful sky-god
(b) deranged, pre-industrial hippie
(c) nebulous theological doohickey