March 18th, 2003

flavored with age

Damn you, woman

My on-again, off-again imaginary love affair with Janeane Garofalo is on again. In recent years, the pros (she's intelligent, funny, beautiful, self-aware and enjoyably nasty) have been outweighed by the cons (she makes terrible movies, she's a hypocrite, she isn't funny anymore). But now, well, I'm not so sure.

Nowadays she seems to be pursuing her long-stated dream of being some sort of leftist radio talk show host or, failing that, at least a professional talk show guest. I always dreaded this eventuality, because her political opinionating was always, well, it wasn't bad. It was even pretty good, given the level of discourse we're used to hearing in this country, particularly from celebrities. But it wasn't anything I could see myself actually listening to on a regular basis.

But damned if she hasn't been working pretty goddamn hard lately. She's gotten smarter. She's gotten much more poised. She's a goddamn joy to listen to. She doesn't seem as diffused and all over the map as she did when she used to appear on "Politically Correct", looking stoned and not really sensing when it was the right time to say something. She's obviously made a rather concerted effort to become a more focused, powerful speaker than the out-of-it, notebook-consulting comedienne she used to be. She's not funny anymore at all, and she probably won't be making good movies (or, given the hysterical tenor of the times, ANY movies) again soon, but you know what? She's someone I'm sort of proud to have a juvenile crush on again.

Anyway, here's part one of a pretty good interview with the peg o’ my heart.
flavored with age

Oh yeah

I forgot to say, today is political ranting day. Please feel free to skip the next two posts.

And this one, and the previous two.
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Lileks today is on his high horse, yapping about all the retards and compulsive mastubators at who dare to post political opinions at variance with his own. This is a favorite technique of Lileks', a variant on what the neologism-happy right likes to call "Fisking": broadly excerpting someone's comments and printing them to show how stupid they are.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course; it's a damn fine tactic to use against people you disagree with. Let them hang themselves by their own words. And usually, Lileks is pretty high-road about it; he tends to quote editorialists, opinion columnists and politicians rather than the rank and file. Perhaps he realizes that characterizing a movement by its lowest common denominator is provocation, not debate, and not worthy of the clear-thinking intellectual he fancies himself to be.

However, by combing through Fark and excerpting some of the LCD yahoos there (although, honestly, I thought some of the comments were quite sensible), he leaves himself open for someone doing the same for him, and a site he approves of.

Say, for example, Little Green Footballs.

Lileks LOVES L.G.F. He quotes them; he links to them; he mentions them routinely in his blog. He even credits them as having made him see the light about moving from a cranky quasi-liberal to a cranky neo-conservative. I don't read it often; the guy who runs it is an unbelievable Arab-hater. This usually doesn't bother me; I am only half-Arab, after all, and I'm not a Muslim, and I don't "look" Arab or have an Arab name. I wasn't born in Saudi Arabia, though my father was. I have no particular stake in being an Arab. But the L.G.F. crew are so monstrously anti-Arab, it even makes me uncomfortable. You can feel the hate rising off the page.

Since Lileks opened the floodgates, since he threw down the gauntlet and said "hey, anti-war people, THESE are the sorts of people you've allied yourself with", let's do the same for him.

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Now, you tell me: which motherfuckin' side YOU on?
flavored with age

But then again

I was really stressing out about Lileks, and LGF, and all the other low-brow dipshits all over the place (both the e-place and the place place) who are real excited that now we finally get to kill us some ragheads, but then I realized -- or, rather, remembered -- this:


The LGF guy isn't Socrates. James Lileks isn't the president. Ann Coulter isn't Shakespeare. David Horowitz isn't my dad. Michael Savage can't even breathe with his mouth closed. They aren't important. They're just a bunch of dicks. Sure, they're stupid. Sure, there's more of them than there is of me. Sure, they're popular, sort of. But THEY'RE JUST SOME NOBODIES WHO YAP ABOUT A LOT OF BULLSHIT.

They aren't smart. They aren't special. They have no insight. They don't possess some secret information or unique perspective that makes them better informed than me. They're just schmucks, no different than I am, who think they're right, and have managed to convince a lot of other directionless weeds that they're right as well. They mean nothing! They mean less to me than the humblest cactus flower or the smallest yucca tree. It's not as if I don't think they're sort of important; as I've mentioned, a lot of the neo-con crowd make up our current government. And it's not as if I won't keep checking on them and to a degree fretting about them. But who gives a fuck what they think? They're wrong. They're comically wrong and their conviction that they're unshakeably right makes it all the more comical.

That realization made me so happy I ate a big salad and read for the rest of the night.