March 26th, 2003

flavored with age

Music to clear rooms by

As a public service, I offer the following music to load into your home entertainment center when you want everybody to go home. (Editor's note: I actually like all this music, as evidence by the fact that I own it, but some people and animals seem to find it unpleasant.)

1. "Tauromachine", Merzbow
2. "Destroy All Music", Flying Luttenbachers
3. "Execration That Accept To Acknowledge", Keiji Haino
4. "I Love You: Hot Lines for the Children", Zeek Sheck
5. "Later On", Jandek
6. "Panzer Division Marduk", Marduk
7. "Reek of Putrefaction", Carcass
8. "The Shaggs", The Shaggs
9. "Black Angel: Thirteen Images from the Dark Land", George Crumb
10. "Easy Listening for the Hard of Hearing", Boyd Rice
flavored with age

Diary of a badman

I'm not diaristic enough on LJ. All this time being ineffectually political and ineffectually funny keeps me from apprising you of the tedious details of my personal life. I intend to rectify that immediately, due to a number of urgent requests.

1. JOB: dull. Layoffs yesterday, no fun for anyone. Many projects floating about. Weather becoming nice enough to walk to work. Cool girl who hosts good alt-music radio show on indy station makes work worth coming too. That and paycheck. Now available on roach coach: "MADE IN THE U.S.A. BRAND SNACK COOKIES", shaped like Statue of Liberty, Uncle Same, bald eagle.

2. WRITING: progressing slowly. Work on novel slow but sure. Fight scenes incredibly boring; hope they are not as painful to read as they were to write. Coming up on chapter that will either be fun to write or horrible. Halfway done with final edits; projecting first-draft shop-around phase by Feb. 2004. Considering abandoning comic project forever due to unlikelihood of ever recruiting an artist. Writing Shakespeare adaptation for some reason. Making preliminary notes for next novel against completion of current one so there will be no break in work habits. Ludic Log still updated daily, though of questionable quality.

3. READING: Doing much more of it than at this time last year. Reading lots of history. May pick up some sci-fi/genre fiction for a break from the pomo stuff. Also reading lots of philosophy/theory at the moment, particularly Fish, Bloom and Kristeva. Making lengthly shopping list for when I have money again.

4. RECREATION: All is well. Planning trip to San Francisco in April, depending on money situ. Smoking marijuana is fun. PlayStation 2 lies in ruins, its sense of purpose lost since defeat of final mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Drinking more, which is nice; tolerance returning to mid-20's level. Being rather social, for me, which is not social at all for most people. Once again faced with dilemma that there's almost nothing I want to do more than sleep. Sleep: not good. Male cat has lost enough weight to jump on work table and knock phone off at 6AM. Looking forward to more Simpsons/Mr. Show DVDs, release of DVDs of Futurama and The Office. Plan suicide immediately after this happens.

5. SEX LIFE: Nonexistent. Still fat, lazy, hateful, obnoxious, filled with self-loathing. Getting to point of diminishing returns. Imaginary relationship with Comic Book Shop Girl on the rocks: she accuses me of not buying enough comic books; I suspect her of having an imaginary affair with the guy who works at Music Exchange.

There you have it! My amazing life. Never ask again.