March 28th, 2003

flavored with age

Ethico DiLemma

Speaking, as manningkrull just was, of tiny old ladies who ring up your purchases...

There was this one time? Me and my friend Lara (who doesn't even HAVE a LiveJournal I can link to, if you can bleedatshit) were at Hala Kahiki. Hala Kahiki is the Platonic ideal of tiki bars and I love it very much (in fact, I'm going there this Tuesday, if anyone cares to join me BECAUSE I'M COMING APART HAW). I would never do anything to hurt it.

But here's the thing. Hala Kahiki also has this gift shop, which totally blows me away. It has tiki accoutrements up the yin and all the way out the other side of the yang. It is your tiki-culture HQ. I got much of my bar signage from there, and my awesome Greek gods & goddesses bar set, and I get incense there because it's super cheap, and the point is this gift store rocks beyond any reasonable expectation of rocking.

Unfortunately, it is staffed by tiny old ladies who look like fire hydrants in floral sarongs. These tiny old ladies are very nice -- they've let us shop even though we came in after the store was supposed to be closed, and they've paged us inside the shop while we waited for a table -- but they also move at a rate of speed that is what molasses running uphill in January uses to connote something really slow.

So, Lara and I are there, and she rings up our purchases, which on this particular night, were fairly numerous. And I couldn't help noticing, by the Rip van Winkle beard I developed while waiting, that it took like SIX HOURS for her to ring up Lara's purchases. So when my turn came, I set up a tent and a Coleman stove and waited. And at some point during the 16-hour ordeal, I saw that she had overlooked one of my purchases, and was putting it into the bag without charging me for it.

Now, normally, because I am a tool, I bring up this sort of thing. And I certainly don't want to steal from Hala Kahiki, because I love it so. But it was already nearing noon of the following day, and had I brought the oversight to her attention, I might be there still. So I SHUT IT and did not mention the item (which I think was a $3.50 incense holder), and let her bag it up without paying for it.

flavored with age

Selections from the "7-minute Safety Trainer" quizzes I must administer as part of my job

"True or false? If something hits your eye, you should see a doctor immediately."

"You should report signs of possible hearing loss such as:

a. Wax in the ears
b. Difficulty understanding rock song lyrics
c. Noise or ringing in the ears"

"For added protection against injuries from falling objects, you might wear:

a. Heavy socks
b. Aluminum alloy, fiberglass or galvanized steel footguards
c. Over-the-ankle spats"
flavored with age

My interests are not interesting

I finally updated my interests lists to make them less the failed joke that they were at one point. Now I feel like a complete and utter tool.

I guess I can comfort myself with the knowledge that no one, least of all me, really cares what's on my interests list.
flavored with age

Fun with interests

crime – 76 groups, 456 users
criticism – 48 groups, 215 users
indie music – 44 groups, 937 users
skepticism – 25 groups, 502 users
postmodernism – 20 groups, 748 users
cultural studies – 13 groups, 238 users
tiki – 12 groups, 222 users
radicalism – 9 groups, 89 users
black comedy – 6 groups, 133 users
wushu - 5 groups, 173 users
literary theory – 5 groups, 143 users
relativism – 4 groups, 61 users
Dr. Doom – 1 group, 39 users
outsider music – 1 group, 21 users
detournement – 1 group, 17 users
MODOK – 1 group, 2 users
Arab culture – 8 users
junk culture – 4 users
samizdat – 4 users
Tom Atkins – no matches