March 30th, 2003

flavored with age

It's all in how you present

Folks, you know me. I'm beyond leftist and all the way into radical. But I've been reading one of the most popular liberal blogs, and the amount of sickening anti-Semitism is just appalling. For example:

"William Pierce has written about the Jewish cult of death for over a decade now."

"Prayers to your desert god will not avail."

"The hysterical sense of entitlement and resentment that has plagued these primitives since the Diaspora will be only gradually eroded..."

"I am telling you folks...that we will have to kill hundreds of millions of these people in the not too distant future. Those are the breaks, Herschel."

"I just hope the Hebrews follow the will of their people and declare war on the US, now is the time to stamp out the plague of Judaism once and for all."

"Better that the hysterical, hateful, primitive death-cult maccabees all flock to Israel to be slaughtered, than to make us come after them."

"I believe this war is a good thing in that it is bringing to the surface for all to see, the insidious nature of Judaism and the Jewish population at large."

"Sometimes, in darker moments, I start to feel that near-genocide becomes the only solution to the Jewish problem, given their irrational money-lust."

Oh, no wait. HA HA HA!

Those comments are all from Little Green Footballs, the prominent right-wing blog. I changed occurences of 'Islamic', 'Muslim' and 'Arab' to 'Jewish', 'Hebrew', etc. Otherwise the comments are verbatim.

But, hey, it's okay that these American patriots are spewing genocidal hate-propaganda that save for their object could come straight from the pages of an Aryan Nations pamphlet or a Goebbels speech; after all, they're on OUR side! OH HA HA HEE.

(Best of all: the comments were in response to a post about how sick al-Jazeera is for promoting anti-Semitism. Man, irony cuts me so hard sometimes I bleed.)