April 7th, 2003

flavored with age

Stop me before I turn into Roger Angell

Thursday I was miserable all day because the Sox were 0-3. I sat around for two hours in the cold and rain to watch them play over the weekend. Now they're 3-3 and all I can think of is what we have to do to win the division. This is six games into the season.

Today's game against the hated Racist Cartoons has been put off until tomorrow, because of a freak spring snowstorm, and it's driving me crazy because it means I won't be able to listen to the Chicago White Sox play a game today.

Baseball. It fucks me up.
flavored with age

Geek realm

Last week, I caught up on a music BBS that I haven't posted on for years. I really missed it; the people there are clever, funny, and incredibly informative. I've gotten lots of laughs there, and even more good recommendations for music that I wouldn't otherwise have heard about.

On the other hand, I also have to listen to two pompous, self-enamored windbags discussing at length how a record neither of them have ever heard probably isn't any good, or at least can't possibly be as good as people say it is, and at any rate it isn't as good as a record by another band that they HAVE heard of and which they imagine is far better than the first record, not that either of them plan on actually listening to the first record.

So, it's a trade-off.
flavored with age

I know what you're saying

You're saying "Leonard, what's up with you? You're not hostile, enraged or angry today."

Well, what can I tell you? I had a great three-day weekend, I went to a baseball game (which my team won), I got a lot of writing done, I made a brisket of corned beef that was awesome, and last night I hung out with some very good friends and had a delicious meal and talked about literature and music and art and politics and philosophy and all the things I really like. I am temporarily devenomed.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm probably going to read some neo-nationalist websites today, and that will get my hate RIGHT back on.