April 14th, 2003

flavored with age

I like to YELL.

I went to a PARTY on Friday. It was FUN. It was a party for my friend Claire's BIRTHDAY. I drank a lot of LIQUOR and I got HIGH. There were pretty GIRLS there. I didn't TALK to them because I am a LOSER. I met Nathan RABIN. He does MOVIE reviews for the ONION. He was FUNNY. Also probably JEWISH. I smoked MARIJUANA with Claire's BOYFRIEND. Unless his PARENTS are READING this in which case I'm just KIDDING. He and I are from the same TOWN in ARIZONA. It's called GLENDALE. We don't live there anymore because it SUCKS. He is a nice young FELLA. There was a CUBS fan there and he kept making BIRD noises. I gave Claire a SHIRT for her birthday. It had a logo on it for the White Sox from NINETEEN-EIGHTY-THREE. I drove HOME, but I'm not sure HOW.

Some people write like that all the time! Can you imagine?
flavored with age

Because I know you're DYING to know

Here's the comic books I bought Saturday at the place I buy comic books.

- Book #2 ("Split Second Chance") of Azzarello & Risso's 100 Bullets.
- Issue #3 of Jessica Abel's La Perdida.
- The latest issue of Bendis/Oeming's Powers (what the fuck are you boys up to, anyway?).
- Issues #1-3 of Ivan Brunetti's Schizo.
- The One Nation, Extra Cheese book by the American Humorist gang.
- The latest issue of Astro City.
- Issues #4 and 5 of "The Truth: Red, White and Black" (Kyle Baker...goddamn. Nice cliffhanger, too.)
- The new "My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable" book -- Horse Race -- by David Rees.
- The latest issue of Hawaiian Dick, written by my pal Clay.

Now, what you all wanted to hear: yes, my imaginary girlfriend, Comic Book Shop Girl, was there. Yes, she was being exceptionally bubbly, charming and effusive. Yes, I briefly contemplated telling her that I write about her a lot and have a rather substantial body of work concerning the ups and downs of our imaginary relationship. No, I didn't say a goddamn word to her, and you'll know why, if you take a second to think about it.

The comics were pretty good, the ones I've read so far. I enjoy "100 Bullets" a lot more than I thought I would. Also, I'm glad that the classic Marvel reprint omnibuses are in black and white. Because since they're in black and white, I won't buy them. If they were in color, I would buy every goddamn one of them and I'd be even poorer than I am now.