April 28th, 2003

flavored with age

Who's the mack?

This flavaful muthafucka?

Craig Mack

This baseball great?

Connie Mack

This pituitary case?

Stacey Mack

This overweight white bluesman with a Flying V?

Lonnie Mack

This rockabilly retard?

Bobby Mack

The creator of this crappy Image comic?

David Mack

This fictional denizen of a secret tweener world?

Alex Mack

This peripherally-associated-with-Superman actress?

Allison Mack

This truck?

Mack truck

Or is it just...THE MACK?

flavored with age

Thank you for the music

I realize that last post fucked up everyone's friends view. I apologize, though not sincerely.

Speaking of my beloved LJ friends, posting links to my OHOTMU recaps here (as well as a discussion on the Elektra website that linked to my bit about Benzino) has resulted in more hits to my website than anything since the heady days of Make Fun of the Cheneys day. So thanks, comics-curious LJ geek friends! And people who hate Benzino!

And speaking of, or rather once again blatantly plugging, the Ludic Log, Sunday's entry is a link, which is what every Sunday's entry is. However, it's a link to the lunatic who writes disturbing Small Wonder fan-fic (thanks, calamityjon), so it's worth looking at if you can stand the pop-ups. Saturday's entry: collective bargaining comes to the U.S. miltary.

In other news, a Belgian found my site today by Googling for "folded horn plans". I love the internet.
flavored with age

So bad that hell don't want him

In today's brief political news, how's that "democracy in Iraq thing" going? It's too soon to tell, of course, but the leading American candidate to run Iraq once the shooting is over -- the guy with the imprimatur of the neo-conservative PNAC crowd who commissioned this war -- is so crooked that even the American puppet state of Jordan doesn't like him.

Boy, there's nothing to get your hopes up for freedom and democracy and a commitment to help the people of an impoverished, long-suffering nation like naming as a leader a man convicted to 20 years in prison for defrauding investors to the tune of $300 million, is there? Particularly if he escaped the sentence by fleeing the country.

And anyway, who cares that he left Iraq 45 years ago and hasn't been there since he was 13? That just means he's got a fresh perspective.