May 15th, 2003

flavored with age

Soda Pop Hock Shop update

I tried the new gimmick flavor of Mountain Dew, "Live Wire". It is said to be "orange ignited", which I guess appeals to people who want to drink fire and electrity.

It's pretty good. Inseperably Dewish, but with a heavy overlay of Orange Crush. And it's also the best-smelling soda I've ever run across; the fake orange flavor nails the smell of real oranges with somewhat unsettling accuracy.

Yum! I miss sugar. And caffeine.
flavored with age

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So, Chris Matthews and his panel are addressing how the Democrats are courting the gay and lesbian vote (John Edwards talking to the Human Rights Campaign, Dick Gephardt talking about his lesbian daughter). Here's what these geniuses had to say:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: It’s interesting that Vice President Cheney’s daughter is also a lesbian. Interesting. Things are developing in this country for better or worse, but we are coming public with these things. Let’s go to the panel. We didn’t get to see much of him there. Terry, what do you think of these new developments?

TERRY JEFFREY: Well, in terms of Senator Edwards and his position coming forward in terms of the gay rights thing, Chris, this goes right back into the last discussion. The fact of the matter is if you adopt and advocate traditional views that we ought to only have sex in marriage, which was the view that Senator Santorum was expressing a few weeks ago, and you relate this to people who want to engage in homosexual behavior, or even promiscuous homosexual behavior, then the cultural leaders in this country will to try and destroy you. The fact of the matter is, if in this country you try and teach your children the traditional moral norms in sexuality, the cultural elite in this country from the public schools to the people who run the newspapers...

MATTHEWS: Was it right or wrong for Dick Gephardt to come public about his daughter’s orientation? Is it right or wrong for Dick Cheney to do the same a while back?

JEFFREY: I think its wrong for any leader in American life to try normalize morally...

MATTHEWS: No, is it right or wrong to be open about it?

JEFFREY: I think it’s very odd. I think it’s odd for a politician to try make a political gain out of talking about his daughter’s sex life. Why is he going on national TV?

MATTHEWS: Maybe because a newspaper organization is about to blow...

JEFFREY: Why do we need to know about his daughter’s sex life?

MATTHEWS: ... the story.

JEFFREY: This is the truth. No one has the right to tell your kid or my kid that it’s OK to have sex outside of marriage or that homosexual sex is morally acceptable.

MATTHEWS: Nobody is saying that.

JEFFREY: Yes, they are. They’re in the supreme court right now, the Lawrence v. Texas case, arguing that it is quote-unquote a fundamental right to engage in any kind of consensual sex.

BERNARD MCGUIRK: I think it’s ironic that you have two guys with the first with the first names that they have with the lesbian daughters. I don’t think there is some sort of pattern there, but...

MATTHEWS: Well, OK. No. Coming up, more shots at President Bush and his victory visit on the USS Abraham Lincoln from the Democrats. They keep hitting him for his best day on earth. There is President Bush aboard the ship. We will be back to talk about why the Democrats keep bringing the issue up again.

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