May 19th, 2003

flavored with age

My achin' back, my achin' bones, what's gonna happen when I get old?

I spent all of Saturday night and most of Suday lying motionless on the couch due to a mysterious bank injury. As a preview of my future, it wasn't too bad, except for the horrible pain and the fact that I felt like a useless sack of shit. At any rate, it wasn't a total waste; it made me commit to losing some goddamn weight so that crippling back pain is the exception rather than the rule for me; I still managed to "write" by taking a few paper notes while I was lying there (people who know my hatred of hand-writing will appreciate what an accomplishment this was), and I got to catch up on some movies.

I bought an on-sale copy of the first X-Men movie on DVD, which was fun, and best of all, contained a coupon for a free viewing of X2! So I'm gonna hizzout and see that there movie one more time courtesy of whichever studio produced the DVD. Also, I finally saw "The Matrix" for the first time.

You know what? I didn't think it was that great. I mean, don't get me wrong -- it was good. It had some fantastic gun battles; the wushu sequences were terrific (although there were far fewer of them than I'd been led to believe); and it was generally quite and enjoyable action flick. wasn't GREAT. It wasn't the paradigm-busting actioner that the buzz and the critical opinion might lead you to believe (or, at least, it led me to believe). The acting (with the exception of the always-terrific Larry Fishburne) was passable, but not great. And the story...well, it just didn't wow me that much. It was interesting, but flawed, and nothing I haven't seen before.

I liked it just fine. But I didn't have that overwhelming desire to see more the way I do with the best wushu flicks or with other epics like the LotR movies.

I and my achin' back stand ready to accept your scorn.