May 20th, 2003

flavored with age

Fun with laundry

I learned a valuable lesson last night: if you have recently had severe back pain, do not haul 300 pounds of laundry up and down three flights of stairs by yourself. I'm walkin' around like the Hunchback of Notre Dumb today.

Another valuable lesson learned at the laundry-mat was: if you are a scary-looking white trash dude with a minimullet, and you bear a disturbing resemblance to Popeye, do not have lots of children, because they will be very fat and will scream at each other tirelessly for hours at a time.

However, I must admit that the presence of the woman with the J-Lo ass ("The Woman with the J-Lo Ass" being one of my favorite Kate Bush songs) folding clothes right next to me almost made the whole thing worthwhile. Almost, except for the complete waste of an evening and the horrible crippling back pain.
flavored with age

Flagrant pluggage

Hey, those of you who live in the greater Chicagoland area or who have access to Shoutcast (and who doesn't?):

Are you listening to my pal Allison's radio show, The Formula, Monday nights from 6:30PM to 8:00PM Central Standard Time each and every week?

Well, why not, goddamn it? It's a great show, over and above the fact that my friend hosts it. She plays terrific music of all varieties (check out the playlists on her site), and even considering what a music geek I am, I've gotten lots of leads on fine new bands by listening to her show. Next week, she'll have alt-country sweetheart Kelly Hogan as her in-studio guest DJ, and it will be whatever regional variant of "awesome" you prefer. Listen in, people! It's not like there's anything else to do on Monday nights.
flavored with age

It's time once again for...


(Note: apparently, some of you doubting Thomases have suggested that these search engine referral queries that led people to my site are fake. Rest assured that I am simply not that imaginitive, and you can verify the referrals for yourself by going to the Ludic Log and clicking on the SiteMeter icon below my links column. Now go and scoff no more, you suspicious little creatures.)

Some referrals from the last couple of days:

"Jimmy Neutron chocolate fries"
"Ludic Arizona"
"benzino and lisa raye" (three times)
"steven seagal vs. martial art actors"
"corsair and cyclops"
"lunchables awful"
"ripper gangster" (twice)
"harpy Ann Coulter" (this one got me a nice little hate mail)
"it's pasta anytime"
"the slumbering lungfish"
"Pentagon briefings"
"ripper is a gangster" (three times)
"black bolt"
"Raymond Scott Benzino"
"DC supervillains"
"Pepsi Machine Patch"
"Marvel Universe entries for the x-men"
"gamahuche me"
"Marvel elder collector"
"Benzino featuring Lisa Raye"
"Blackagar Boltagon"
"lisa ray and benzino" (twice)
"god i could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space"
"LISA RAYE" (twice)
"dominic fortune marvel comics"
"the source article eminem"
"my name is rar rar"
"i was urinated on"