May 22nd, 2003

flavored with age

They tried to blow up Yale

Pesky ragheads! I say even if it wasn't them, it was them.

GRATUITOUS LAWYER JOKE: I was really upset about this story until I learned the explosion was at the law school.

At any rate, we can all rest easy knowing that the hotter of the President's daughters was unharmed in this vicious attack probably by terrorists.
flavored with age


Congratulations to the fat guy for winning the singing contest!

Congratualtions to the little girls for beating the vampire team!

Congratulations to the blond man for getting the guy to drop his gun!

Congratulations to the Keanu Reeves for shooting all those robots!

Congratulations to the girl who sucked the president's dick for getting to hang out with the Justice League!
flavored with age

And the hits just keep on comin'


“it’s what’s inside that counts”
“Trainspotting interview clip”
“ripper is a gangster” (twice)
“Leonard Pierce”
“forgotten villains Marvel cosmic”
“hulk subtitles”
“ripper is a gangster!!!”
“firestar the end marvel”
“benzino’s club in Miami” (twice)
“marvel serpent society”
“serpent society”
“club z-no”
“parlor tricks”
“marvel universe characters nebula”
“benzino and lisa raye”
“safeway select diet lemon cola”
“open casting call martial arts”
“Lisa Raye” (three times)
“first adamantium”
“Benzino Would You”
“inflatable jumbo monkey”
“wushu overweight”
“lisa raye and benzino”
“hamlet foil laertes”
“truth on passat 2003”
“it’s pasta anytime”
“placenta injections”
“Modok Kirby”
“American Idol vote on line”
“marvel universe colossus”
“rebound guy story”
“casting for martial art films”
“green hair girl naked”
“it’s clobberin’ time”
“pentagon briefings”
“captain universe marvel”
“In war the first casualty is always truth”
“monologues for women free”

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