May 28th, 2003

flavored with age


I haven't been around much. I know I am letting you all down in this regard, for which I apologize. God knows your lives have been devoid of meaning without being updated as to what nerdfodder I've been into lately. But it was a holiday weekend, and LJ has been extremely hinky lately.

So, here's the last few days.

FRIDAY: janehex and brianchurch were in town. We went to the Berghoff, the Art Institute, and Grant Park. Jane and I went to a White Sox game (they lost). We then headed back to a friend of Brian's apartment for geographical chitchat. Geek Factor: moderately high due to having sat with the nerds from the White Sox e-mail list.

SATURDAY: I wrote during the morning, slouched around watching Futurama reruns in the afternoon, and went to the sumptuous home of a friend of a friend for a musical jam session at night. I have no musical talent, so I didn't play anything, and I was in a surly mood, so I didn't sing either, but I still had a good time. There was a woman in a black sequinned dress there who had the worst case of "trained singer hands" since the Bee Gees. Geek Factor: High due to presence of musicians, hippies.

SUNDAY: Did nothing. Wrote a bit, watched TV, slept, nursed injured back, read novel, read comics. Cleaned house a bit and prepared for next day's party. Spent way too much money at grocery store. Geek Factor: High. Discussed the X-Men with thaitea; read Legion of Super-Heroes TPB.

MONDAY: thaitea and I had small party. Made huge amount of food (scallop bisque, lime-tequila pasta, seviche camarones, peanut butter brownies, charcuterie board, sandwich bar, crudite platters, avocado dip, gorgonzola/mascarpone dip, green salad); invited pals Lara and Jeff, Doug and Andrea, and toyman and bitchcentral. Watched Super Troopers, which was not good, and Iron Flag, which was, sort of. A good time, had by all. Geek Factor: High due to presence of self, toyman. Comics, kung fu, action figures discussed; tentative plans made to go to Wizard World; anarchist theory bandied about.

TUESDAY: Had to work. Work not fun. Went to barbeque at home of pal Vanya with thaitea; ogled girl with Belgian boyfriend. Barbeque was fun despite Vanya's not possessing grill, tongs, lights, condiments, silverware, plates. Fought urge to scream at deviation from standard BBQ techniques; had good time instead. Went home early due to being achy, sleep-deprived old man. Geek Factor: Low due to presence of SAIC hipsters. However, thaitea and I talked about the X-Men again.

And now you know...the REST of the story.
flavored with age


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