June 4th, 2003

flavored with age


Here's why Sammy Showoff's story about his corked bat is bullshit.

Sammy Showoff claims that he accidentally grabbed his batting practice bat by mistake instead of one of his regular game bats. This seems like a reasonable explanation, doesn't it? It sure does, although it suggests a follow-up question:

Why would you use a corked bat during BP?

The ever-ready Sammy has an answer: because he likes to put on a show for the fans who are watching. That sounds right, doesn't it? Give the early comers a treat before the real action starts? Sure. Except for this:

Wrigely Field doesn't open the gates for early-arriving fans until the Cubs have finished batting practice. Who is he giving a show to, the grounds crew? The vendors? The BP pitcher?

Sorry, folks. This is just more bullshit lying from the most egotistical man in sports. Just like his denials of steroid use, his denials of spousal abuse, his denials of mismanaging his charities. The shine is coming off his halo in big chunks, and even the delusional Cubs fans can't buy his tired "wronged innocent" act for much longer.
flavored with age

It's time once again for Adventures in Referral!

Now that 100% of my referrals are not coming from Tom Tomorrow's site, let's take a look at what search engine queries have led people to my site since yesterday.

(The answer to the first one, by the way, is 'if you're reading my website'.)

“how to tell if you’re a loser”
“quick grow mustache”
“iron man build real suit”
“Benzino Lisa Raye” (twice)
“iraq and homosexuals”
“famous mobsters”
“ripper is gangster”
“lorelei French maid”
“Guy Pierce naked”
“shitting to lose weight”
“black cat marvel fuck”
“baby pun benzino ray ray”
“Raymond Benzino Scott”
“oversized cock”