June 13th, 2003

flavored with age


- It's really quite amazing that the President finds it necessary to go before the public and assure them that yes, Iraqi weapons will be found, sooner or later, if we have to turn over every rock in Mosul. It points up not only how incompetent the current administration is at successful PR, but also what a complete sham the entire was from the start. There has not bee in recent memory an American war in which we've had such a hard time establishing that the enemy was, in fact a threat to us. You didn't see American soldiers running around after WWII trying to find Panzers.

- On the other hand, is the Bush team really that bad at PR? They haven't done a great job at selling the war, and they're doing an even less great job at getting the media to quit asking questions about the war. But they also managed to push through one of the most absurd tax cuts in history with a minimum of fuss, and they’ve managed to convince a lot of people that it would be a good idea to repeal an inheritance tax that doesn’t kick in until there’s a million dollars in the kitty. One of the great triumphs of conservativism is that it has convinced people who will gain nothing from economic policies that transparently favor the rich to support those policies.

- Speaking of which, the G.O.P. here in Illinois is currently falling all over itself trying to short-circuit a plan to raise the minimum wage. As always, their argument is that a hike in the minimum wage will actually hurt poor people, because it will prove such an onerous burden on employers that they won’t be able to hire anyone and consequently, there will be no jobs for low-income workers. This argument is apparently still taken seriously, which is odd, because it’s complete bullshit. First of all, the majority of minimum-wage employees are service workers for a few fairly large, wealthy companies; McDonalds hires more teenagers than the corner drugstore. If the minimum wage is raised, it’s not going to bankrupt these companies. AMC and KFC and Blockbuster aren’t going to just throw up their hands and say “well, that extra 20 cents an hour broke us. We’re closing up our doors.” They’ll just bite the bullet and pay it. If the cost truly proves to be a burden, they’ll do what every other company does faced with the same situation: they’ll raise their prices and pass the cost along to the customer. Which is, of course, the second objection to this line of reasoning: salaries are part of the cost of doing business. You don’t see consumers raising a big stink if the price of gas or food or utilities go up in this capitalist system; as long as the jump isn’t disproportionately huge, they just knuckle down and pay. Why do business get special pleading? If these capitalists run their businesses on such tight margins that a tiny increase in the amount they pay their overworked, underpaid staff is going to break them, then fuck them. They deserve to fail. Let them go bust and do something else. Isn’t that a good conservative argument? It’s impossible to see these objections to increasing the minimum wage as being driven by anything but the greed of businessmen.
flavored with age

What a lucky man he was

So, it's Friday the 13th! Who's feelin' lucky? I know I'm not. I just ate a patty melt off the roach coach at work that contained about 3 pounds of salt. If my bloated, purple-red corpse is found slumped in front of the computer later today, that patty melt is the cause.

Cousin Dave is feelin' lucky today. He's getting married! Congratulations to Dave and his lovely bride, who are even as we speak trucking down to Joliet for the ceremony.

How about you? You feelin' lucky? Tell me a story about something lucky that happened to you. Meet a girl/boy? Get a sweet apartment? Score some primo weed? Get to shake hands with the lead singer of Stryper? Find a bag full of money? Tell me your lucky stories.
flavored with age

Adventures in referral

More search engine queries that led to my site since yesterday. Found humor is fast surpassing pornography as my primary use for the internet.

"subtitles Hulk"
"learn to fly again"
"black cat and the hulk fucking" (Ouch.)
"benzino's son"
"red hair naked boy"
"famous mobsters" (twice)
"origin of the modok"
"serpent society"
"is adrian brody jewish?"
"serpent society villains hulk"
"benzino lisa raye"
"diet Pepsi Twist label"
"ripper is a gangster"
"nicholas cage zen" (?)
"shitting on body"
"calamity jon"
"Dr. Strange Sanctum Sanctorum corner"
"Marvel Comics Abomination bio"
"windlesham walks"
"lisa raye"
"it's pasta anytime"
"pornography dark brothers"
"women of the DC universe"
"african prostitutes AIDS HIV"
"black cat marvel face"
"Freddy Kreuger vs. the Joker"
"and you will know I am the Lord"
"naked she-hulk art"
"she-hulk naked" (note: in the last 2 weeks or so, I've gotten, like, 3 dozen hits for 'she-hulk tits' or 'she-hulk naked'. I'm so happy to be part of people's batshit fetishes.)