June 17th, 2003

flavored with age

And if you're not careful, you just might learn something

Last night, I went to bed, and before dropping off to sleep, I was editing a piece I did at work. Now, I only had a paper copy of it -- I don't like to save copies of personal stuff on my work computer. My plan was to read and edit the piece, then rewrite it at home with the changes before firing it off to the publisher.

However, sometime during the wee hours of the morning, one of my cats vomitted prodigiously all over the first paragraph. Aside from the implied criticism, this was unfortunate, because it made the ink run and rendered said paragraph unreadable.

I am sure I am meant to draw a lesson from this. However, I am not sure which of the following is the correct lesson.

1. Don't read in bed.

2. Don't leave the only copy of something on the floor where your cat can puke on it.

3. Don't have cats.

4. Use the laser printer at your office instead of the inkjet printer.

5. Don't write lead-in paragraphs so bad that they make animals throw up.
flavored with age

Today's vocabulary lesson

What is a "'revisionist historian'?

A revisionist historian is not someone who lies about the reasons for going to war, and then, once the war is over, dismisses questions about the veracity of those stated reasons.

A revisionist historian is not someone who repeatedly distorts, exaggerates or muddles the history of a particular nation and its regime.

A revisionist historian is someone who notices that there is difference between the reasons given for a military action before the action took place and the reasons given after.

I swear to Christ, man. The bullshit that comes out of that guy's mouth.