June 23rd, 2003

flavored with age


Someone came to my site from here:


There's no link to my site on the page, so I'm not sure how it happened exactly. But am I glad it did! Because otherwise, I would have never learned how to attract women using these simple, English-as-a-second-language tips:

Attract Pretty Woman Fast
Quick Flirting Tips

How to attract pretty woman fast. We provide tips for attracting pretty woman fast, the quick flirting tips for man.

Do you find yourself attracted to the pretty woman but find it hard to make your feelings known? Do you want to get the attention of a person who you admire? Want to attract and seduce that special someone instantly? Need more sex? Want to feel more sexy? Interested in a little extra edge in business affairs? Ever wonder why some people seem to have it all?

Quick flirting tips for man

Focus on a woman, let her realize you are interested without being overbearing and in her space where she cannot enjoy her evening out.

Send her a signal. Buy a drink, pass by and smile, wave when dancing, say hello and keep walking. Simple signals letting her know you realize she is there.

Stand straight, learn not to drink too much to carry on a great conversation.

If you are sitting, present yourself in positions that you know you are important and sit there as if someone is watching you all the time. You never know when she will steal a glance at you, and it you are sleek and stable she will be more attracted to you than if you are slouched over with you head in your hands.

Use your eyes when talking, flirting, approaching or in passing a person you are interested in. Keeping eye contact while smiling will definitely get your flirting point across without having to say a word!

Make a woman feel comfortable to stay and talk with you, don’t be too pushy in asking for a date. The best lovers have been best friends first.

Make excuses to walk near or around where the woman you are interested is sitting. Try to catch her eye when you can let her know you are interested because you are watching her.

MAN! My dating woes are over. The sexyful womans are going to be all over me, using this the dating quick flirt tips.