June 26th, 2003

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Smoking gun!

We've found proof of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction! There were plans! Hidden secret plans! For a device that could be used to make nuclear bombs!

Sure, they were buried under a rose bush, but Saddam Hussein knew exactly where they were the whole time! He could have gone and gotten them at any moment, and then all he would have had to do was finance it, construct it, and put it into operation along with a bunch of other stuff, and he could possibly have dropped a nuclear bomb on someone! Like Jessica Lynch! Or the Golden Gate Bridge!

Okay, admittedly, the plans were 13 years old. Which meants that technically, they predated the second Iraq war, the first Iraq war, the invasion of Kuwait, and the creation, institution and prosecution of UN sanctions. Also, they had been buried in the dirt for over a decade. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THEY WEREN'T INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION AND THAT EVERYONE SHOULD PLEASE SHUT UP AND STOP ASKING QUESTIONS NOW.

Thank you.
flavored with age

Minnesota Multiphasic Robomotional Profile

When I __________, I am a happy robot.

When I __________, I am an angry robot.

When I __________, I am a sad robot.

When I __________, I am a drunk robot.

When I __________, I am a dead robot.

When I __________, I am a boring robot.

When I __________, I am a sick robot.

When I __________, I am a sexy robot.

When I __________, I am a confused robot.

When I __________, I feel I am not a robot at all.
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Thrift scores

For those still interested in taking some of the detritus from my vinyl collections off my hands, I've put together a list. Drop me an e-mail if you might want any of this stuff.

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Can I just say, I fuckin' love my new icon set (the "Mascots of Obscure Breakfast Cereals" series)?

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