July 1st, 2003

flavored with age

Adventures in referral

At 1:43PM Greenwich Mean Time, a visitor to the Ludic Log from England, searching for "rolls royce perkins diesel", became the 25,000th person to hit my site. He stayed for one minute and 58 seconds. It is in honor of this anonymous hero I dedicate today's installment of Adventures in Referral.

"sex slapstick pies"
"famous mobsters"
"British army tank driving"
"black widow hookers"
"el aguila marvel"
"Blitzkrieg Polack"
"elders of the universe"
"Why won't I exercise and eat right?"
"ripper is a gangster" (twice)
"Shane Spencer quote"
"Captain Nazi"
"fuck shots"
"Lance Bass and girlfriend"
"Inspectah Deck kung fu movie"
"maynard jackson's wife"
"Jack Kirby and vitamin"
"drive a tank"
"actor agent Chicago"
"free style beats"
"at least I know I'm free"
"whedon dark phoenix"
"soda fountains add sodas vanilla flavor"
"sister and sister sex"
"wing chun movie"
"america is waiting austin"
"how do you make Funyuns"
"boy tights"
"Wonder Woman catfight Catwoman"
"Spiderwoman Drew origin"
"popular kids convenience foods"
"tribute to the 40-ouncer"
"dreamtime porn"
"Celine Dion anti-French"
"firestorm comic"
"ripper the gangster"
"characterization of Harry Lime"
"Annihilus bio"
"Ray Scott AKA Benzino"

Whew! I was starting to think we were gonna get through an episode of Adventures in Referral without an appearance by 'Zino.
flavored with age

Quiz time!

At the behest of my pal thaitea, I present the following poll: "WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE FANTANA?"

You want some of what we got

FANTANA YELLOW, a.k.a. "La Piña", proudly reps Fanta Pineapple flavor. Her name is LeeLee, and she's Fantana Island's resident haXXX0r. She describes herself as, ahem, your "digital assistant".

FANTANA PURPLE, a.k.a. "La Uva", is fond of the grape -- no, not cheap wine, but Fanta Grape flavor. Her name is Raquel, and according to her bio, she has over 250 pairs of shoes in her closet on Fantana Island, but curiously, her ultimate dream is to never wear shoes again.

FANTANA ORANGE, a.k.a. "La Naranja", is the unofficial leader of the Fantanas. Her name is Calli. She reps Fantana orange flavor -- by far the most popular kind -- and is known on Fantana Island for wearing an orange jellybean in her navel. No, really.

FANTANA RED, a.k.a. "La Fresa", represents the peeps on Fantana Island who dig on Strawberry Fanta. Her name is Nina, and she describes her ideal man as someone who owns more than one belt. Kinky!

Poll #151923 Don't you wanna, wanna objectify women?

Who's your favorite Fantana?

It's gotta be that blonde cutiepie LeeLee.
None other than sexy, sexy Raquel.
Orange is the best Fanta, and Calli is the best Fantana.
I loves me some dark 'n' lovely Nina.
I cannot decide! All the Fantanas are so HOTT!
Who the fuck are the Fantanas?
This is the stupidest quiz in the history of LiveJournal.
I can't decide, but now I really want to drink a Fanta.
Fanta is not available in my area.
You suck, Leonard.
flavored with age

Writin' stuff

Boring, I know, but I talk about this sometimes. Please feel free to ignore this entry.

Last night, at the laundromat, I decided that since I'm in between books, I'd take a draft of my stupid novel about Superman and do some edits instead of taking a book. I'm a little past the halfway point now (Chapter 16) and I'm getting the previous stuff into fighting shape, and this seemed like a good time for a read-through. A couple of observations:

- I have gotten much better at dialogue (shout out to my man Christian) and much, much worse at exposition. Reading through Chapter 11 (which is written in a hardboiled-cop-story style), I was actually quite pleased with the back-and-forth dialoge; but reading through the chapters with a lot of plot-advancing expository dialogue (especially the ones with my two main characters talking, and a recent one giving the background of the hero), well, they're just painful. I need to figure out a way to make these flow smoother, because as it is, they just stop the whole book dead.

- The big action chapter -- the only one so far -- isn't that bad, it seems to me. I agonized over it and when I first wrote it I thought it completely sucked, but on a fresh read, it's actually pretty good. This is largely due to lots of Michael, who is far and away the most interesting character in the book (as every villain should be). The conclusion is pretty weak, though.

- One way to make the expository chapters less leaden, I think, is to switch their narrative perspective to Artemis rather than the Crusader. She's a more interesting character, and her narrative voice is stronger, so I think that's probably the way to go. The Crusader (the Superman stand-in), until the end of the book, is pretty much a dullard do-gooder, which is fine, but it means that his voice can't really carry a chapter. This will take some serious rewrites, but it's probably worth it to salvage these chapters, which are bombs.

- It might also benefit me to just mess around with the structure and placement of those chapters -- maybe break them up into smaller chapters so they're not so tedious, or jiggle around where they're located -- but this I'm not convinced would be worthwhile, since it would require a wholesale rearrangement of the entire structure of the book.

- I had been concerned that doing all the freelance gigs that have come my way of late might fuck with my writing of the stupid novel, but happily, it hasn't. I've actually done more work than usual, and have hit the halfway point at mid-year, which is exactly where I planned to be. I guess it's just a matter of being in the habit of writing. I'm in a pretty productive period right now, writing-wise, which I hope to continue when I get back from vacation. I still don't think the novel will be anything but slightly-less-awful-than-usual genre crap, but at least I'm getting it done without being entirely displeased with the results.