July 8th, 2003

flavored with age

Back 2 the base

Hello! I'm back from my all-too-brief sojourn in SF.

Thanks to Christina for putting me up; thanks to Christian for being such delightful company; thanks to cleotyne, janehex, and brianchurch. Sorry to those I missed, but I'll probably be back out there before too long.

Thanks also to those who covered my ass on the Ludic Log while I was gone, including calamityjon and mckennl, and much thanks to thaitea for handling the technical end. I'll have a recap of the trip up on the Ludic Log sometime tonight for those who care.

I'd love to say that all was well, but I can't (see next post). However, I had a wonderful and incredibly relaxing time with some excellent company, and that's all I could have asked for.
flavored with age

Things I can't do

In general order of immediacy and importance:

1. Sleep
2. Get out of working today
3. Check my e-mail
4. Install OSX on my computer
5. Get my shit together financially
6. Avoid getting on the train with incredibly irritating people
7. Figure out how to make my cats shut up
8. Understand why LiveJournal keeps reloading this page, erasing everything I've written

Other than that, things are fine.
flavored with age


Today's Ludic Log is the last of the vacation guest entries, this one a tasty little Bukowski-goes-bowling number from my man Brent of Vitamin B Glandular.

Previous guest columns, for your edification:

Sunday's link, stick figure porn via Liz MK.

Saturday's log, putting hip-hop through the bleach cycle by Nate Patrin.

Friday's log, an Independence Day beefathon by Andy Knight.

Thursday's log, the DC Who's Who that should have been by Calamity Jon.

Thanks again, y'all! Grand prize winner to be announced Friday.
flavored with age

Adventures in referral, vacation edition

How people found my site while I was gone:

"God hates the Jews"
"black racer skis"
"Lisa Raye and Benzino interview"
"political mudslinging history"
"go to bad market"
"IT'S NOT ME" (twice)
"learn to fly again"
"firebrand and DC"
"jesus freak necklace"
"Who's Who Felicity comic TV"
"incompetent scientist"
"Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam"
"naked captain america"
"Mr. Kolpert"
"Dr. Psycho Wonder Woman"
"it's not me bork"
"patriotic country songs"
"slapstick deaths"
"lisa raye"
"drawings comic Cloak & Dagger Marvel"
"comic art square jaw"
"serpent society marvel"
"wonder woman bondage"
"baron zemo pics"