August 11th, 2003

flavored with age

Le Weekend

No, not the brilliant Godard film, but MY weekend. It was mighty fine! Did a ton of writing, mailed a bunch of stuff, hung out with some good friends, sold stuff at an apartment sale, got taken to dinner, and got CRAZY BIRTHDAY LOOT! Plus, they finally got our bathroom ceiling fixed, AND we cleaned up our apartment spic and span! (No offense intended to Latinos or wrenches.)


At the apartment sale, I showed up just before 10AM (when we were scheduled to start), and there was already a customer there -- a uniformed cop, who had double-parked his roller in order to visit the sale. I walked in the door with a milk crate full of old punk & alternative cassette tapes, and he turns and asks me: "Are those tapes?"

"Yeah," I says. I haven't even set the box down yet.

"I'll take them," he replies. He hasn't looked at them. It could be a box full of dubs of Falco 3 for all he knows. "I'll give you ten bucks for the whole thing."

"Okay," I reply. He buys ALL my tapes, without even seeing what they are. He also buys ALL my videotapes for $10 more, and he buys ALL of Jeff's audiocassettes and most of his videotapes, again without even looking at them. Jeff helped him take some of the stuff down to his roller, and he said the trunk was filled with boxes and boxes of nothing but tapes.

Wierd. Unsettling. And yet, profitable.


No whorin' today, but look at the link on the Ludic Log today if you haven't already, and over the weekend, new lists and sausage went up.


Finally, in non-self-directed whoring news, pay a visit to Facets. It's the best video store in the universe, located right here in Chic; I just renewed my membership with them and have been renting good movie after good movie. I had this list of over two dozen hard-to-find flicks I've been wanting to see forever, and they have all but one of them.

The best part is, you don't have to live in Chic to use their services! Every title in their 25k+ catalog is available for purchase OR through their reliable rent-by-mail program. mckennl, you in particular might want to take a look at their truly awesome collection of Indian cinema. Facets is a great service, one that I encourage everyone to use.