August 12th, 2003

flavored with age

Adventures in referral

“the only person who you will never break the heart of is the person who broke yours first love”
“Superman’s mother”
“The Mad Maple comics”
“ripper is gangster”
“brother power the geek origin”
“batman villains calendar man”
“athletic fuck”
“I think I love her”
“America is Waiting Trail of Dead”
“pork pie Milwaukee”
“heartbreak story”
“tritium glow stick”
“white nationalists are retards”
“cannonball history marvel”
“Elders of the Universe”
“Julia Roberts monologues”
“Bangladeshi cooking”
“the best Hulk drawings”
“dumb bunny inferior five”
“benzino beef”
“Kong the Untamed”
“Jesus blog”
“Hank Henderson”
“firestorm the nuclear man superhero”
“Where can I buy Funyuns?”
“where at least I know I’m free”
“Baron Blitzkrieg”
“paris cullens”
“charles manson”
“jesus flag pray for our nation inspirational picture”
“black monologues”
“famous mobsters”
“Marvel Universe gay Thor”
“patriotic country songs”
“canibus article”
“songs about flying”
“free music Toby Keith courtesy of the red white and blue the angry American”
“teen bus bangin’”
“roommate code”
“golden age green lantern shirt”