August 14th, 2003

flavored with age

We know.

There's a guy at my office who shows up drunk every other morning. Which is fine, what do I care? He doesn't operate heavy machinery or anything.

The think I think is funny is that he always plays it straight -- in fact, over-straight. This is pretty common. People who are drunk or high and don't want to let on always play over-straight: they try and come off as so together that the artificiality of it is much more obvious than if they were all stumblin' and slurrin'.

Hey, drunk guy at my office: WE KNOW. You can quit pretending.
flavored with age


Man! Has my journal been boring and content-free lately. Sorry about that. I've been busy working on a bunch of freelance writing gigs (the High Hat and a gig as a music reviewer for a local rag), watching movies (from Facets), and catching up on some long-term projects I really need to get going on (the crappy novel and the comic). I hate to let down my peeps who come here looking for something to kill 5 minutes of their boring work day, but rest assured it's for a good cause.

I know this won't make up for my being such a drag-ass, but here's a picture of Jodie Foster.

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