August 18th, 2003

flavored with age

Upp! Sala!

Hey ho. What's going in in the loopy life of Leonard these days? WELL WHY DON'T I TELL YOU BECAUSE I BET YOU'RE DYING TO KNOW.

- I had a little mini-party on Saturday; a handful of people came over to the crib and suffered through the miserable heat and the terrifying flyovers of the Air & Water Show in exchange for my dubious company and the fruits of my cooking skillz, which are growing more madd by the day. I think I'm becoming a better cook as time passes, and I wish I had more time to practice. I'd like to get more ambitious, but I'm limited by time and my dinky kitchen.

- I know I've said this before, but I like having smart friends. I tend towards hermitage and stay-at-home loserness, but I can't overestimate how much I enjoy ocassionally having people around who I can talk to about good movies, or to whom I can mention literary theory without them just nodding politely, or who are passionate about music and art. On the other hand, I always beat myself up a little after having a party, because I end up cooking and cleaning and bartending, and while I do my best to socialize, I feel like I'm ignoring people. SORRY PEOPLE!

- The time has come to get my financial shit together. Unfortunately, I don't have any money, so I really don't have any financial shit to get together. Mission accomplished.

- Of course, not having money doesn't keep me from making tons of frivolous purchases. The thing about writing for a living -- in other words, the thing about what I'd like to spend the rest of my life doing -- is that unless you're one of the upper-echelon 1%, you go through long periods of having no money, followed by short bursts of having a lot of money, which you of course want to spend on fun stuff instead of saving for those times when you have no money again. So, having just gotten a check for some freelance stuff I did last month, I naturally socked it in my savings account to pay bills with. HA HA! JUST KIDDING. What I did was go on a DVD spending spree, and am now the pleased-as-punch owner of Season 1 of "Twin Peaks" and Season 2 of "Futurama" (and soon, Season 3 of "Mr. Show" and Season 3 of "The Simpsons"). God, I suck. These DVD anthologies will really tide me over when I'm 60 and living in a hat box.

- I don't like the Aluminum Group. There, I said it.
flavored with age

The heel!

Sometimes I review things, for money. These things are sometimes books or movies. Most times these things are records.

Part of this money-gig is writing to the band (or their label, or publicist) and asking them for a graphic to use with the review. I do not mind this. Usually the band (or their label, or publicist) is happy to provide the graphic or photo or whatever.

However, sometimes the band (or their label, or publicist) will ask me for a copy of the review once it is published. And sometimes the review is, eh, well, it's a pan. And I am faced with either sending the band (or their label, or publicist), who are not bad people just because they have made a record I don't like, a review in which I say they suck, or telling them I don't want to send them the review because in it I say they suck, or not sending them the review, which they will probably understand is because I say they suck.

This makes me feel like the heel!

Not enough to give good reviews to bad bands. But still.
flavored with age

Mondays on the net with X

theludickid: "Experts: blackout could have been worse"
CLCGamma: oh, that's a huge relief.
theludickid: "Experts: WWII could have been worse"
CLCGamma: Experts: Experts ought be consulted on severity of blackout.

CLCGamma: i am going to pool all the pretend money that I make at poker and donate it to mr. lif so that he can buy a second intonation.
theludickid: Yay! I'm sure he'll appreciate that.
theludickid: If you have any left over, Cage could probably use one too.
CLCGamma: i can't believe you own cage records.
CLCGamma: i'm only like vaguely aware of him
theludickid: Well, I bought one on a friend's recommendation
theludickid: He said Cage's solo album sucked a lot less than you might think given his Smut Peddlers spots
theludickid: And, you know, he was right. It's not great, but it's pretty fun.
CLCGamma: heh
CLCGamma: it must suck to be not-quite-eminem
theludickid: Sure, just ask Pete Nice.

theludickid: AP: "Asia urged to promote condoms in AIDS fight"
theludickid: Hey, I've seen plenty of Asia's movies. She can't do it alone, people.
theludickid: (rimshot)
CLCGamma: i saw the jenna jameson E! special last night.
CLCGamma: man, is her new husband gay
theludickid: Yeah? I don't know who it is.
CLCGamma: i dunno either. just some unnaturally tan skinny guy with earrings.
CLCGamma: i mean, if I were a porn star, I can imagine that marrying a gay guy would be a good move.
CLCGamma: but they kept acting as if he were not, you know, gay
CLCGamma: it was very distressing.
theludickid: I have noticed that many porn stars marry preternatually schlubby guys.
CLCGamma: well, schlubby's one thing.
CLCGamma: willing to sit by while your wife's penetrated by two men at once, still one thing
CLCGamma: actually uninterested in sex with women, that's something else.
theludickid: Maybe it's to give hope to her fans.
theludickid: "Hey, she married a homo! I've still got a shot."
CLCGamma: it was something, that's for sure.
CLCGamma: she kept talking about how when she got pregnant she'd stop doing porn.
CLCGamma: i was like, man, why ignore that market?
CLCGamma: jenna jameson doing lactation porn, that's going to sell really well