August 25th, 2003

flavored with age

Today's deeply disturbing installment of Adventures in Referral

“ripper is a gangster”
“dc comics daxamite”
“hop harrigan”
“kitty pryde naked”
“rouge the bat naked pictures”
“Marvel sexy”
“why do liberals hate the private sector”
“gladiator wylie ridley scott”
“kids contests”
“argument ender”
“billy coke bottle”
“dooley’s liquor”
“are you a racist quiz”
“Adrian Brody and Jewish”
“Dan Wilson Mariners photograph”
“feminine mannerisms heels”
“firestorm comic”
“Testimony Mel Gibson altar boy”
“mr. kolpert”
“lisa raye”
“captain carrot and his amazing zoo crew”
“white castle sick”
“el dorado dc comics pics”
“political quiz”
“tit fight”
“prefer diapers incontinent”
“old dirty bastard drunken master”
“Bizarro Green Lantern”
“a touch a touch I do confess it”
“love shots”
“haunted tank archives”
“firestorm dc bio”
“hip hop under attack”
“sexy agent character”
“Miami hip hop club”
“Jesus cock”
“Jesus kiss”
“why jews don’t believe in christ”
“liz mckenna”
“texas death row cemetery”
“Golden Age Atom stats”
“Green Lantern Outfits”
“most famous mobsters”
“naturally sexy”
flavored with age

He'p me! He'p me!

Okay, writer types, editor types, and people-with-too-much-time-on-their-hands types: I need help.

I've been talking about, for a while, picking out a bunch of the best entries from the closing-in-on two years of my web log, and possibly shopping them around to a new-media publisher.

The only thing is, I have absolutely no objectivity whatsoever about the thing, and can in no way judge which are the best, or even if any of them are any good. So, I need help.

If any of you would like to:

(a) read all my log entries and pick out the ones you think are best;

or, more realistically, given that you probably don't have the time or inclination to read over 500 pages of nonsense:

(b) read through a selected group of entries and tell me if you think they suck or not;

then I would be hugely appreciative. And by "appreciative", I mean I would (a) thank you profusely, (b) give you a mention in the Acknowledgements section of the book if it ever gets published, and (c) give you a copy of the book if it ever gets published, if at all feasible.

I would ask only two things: be serious (I really do want to do this) and be as objective as possible (if you think something sucks, say it sucks; I want no stroking of my pathetic ego). If something's good and should be in the final cut, by all means say so; but if it's lousy, tell me it's lousy. Also, don't waste time correcting grammar, editing, etc.: if the book gets published, someone will do this who gets paid for it.

I realize pretty much no one will have the desire or the time to do this, but if anyone feels up to it, drop me a line: editor at ludic kid dot com. I'll send you, in return, a list of stuff to look over and my profound and abject thankees.

I sure do ask for a lot, eh? And what do I give you? Nothing but MODOK references.