September 10th, 2003

flavored with age

The pinch-hitter inside me

Last night I was watching the Sox game (we won, but barely, thank you very much Jose Paniagua, you busher), and the Twins put in a late-inning replacement hitter named Lew Ford. He proceeded to get a big double that touched off a 4-run 9th for Minnesota and gave me a few stressful moments before I could sleep.

But then I thought, okay, sure, so this Lew Ford guy is a good clutch batter. But the Twins have to listen to his stupid, banal cliches all day long, plus there's the ever-present threat that he'll kill one of them by shoving a barbed-wire cob up their asses.

THANKS SO MUCH LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Leonard Pierce, king of the obscure referential joke that isn't even funny if you get it.
flavored with age

Adventures in referral

This week: comics porn, blue jeans, Canadian anti-Semites, early Halloween shopping, and Gatorade's effect on your end-product.

“women modern monologue”
“hot sexy tight Lycra”
“how gangster look like”
“post modernist philosopher”
“azzure denim” (from Germany!)
“lisa raye and benzino”
“eighteen is bullshit”
“shooting star tattoo design”
“owner of azzure denim”
“Little Old Man Look at Me” (from Japan!)
“political philosophy quiz” (twice)
“freestylin lyrics” (from Canada!)
“insect queen lana”
“poison ivy costumes” (twice, once from Canada!)
“songs about flying”
“jesus kiss”
“Ari Fleischer filthy jew” (from Canada!)
“elastic lad”
“Hawkwoman costume”
“Pointy shoes Villain”
“medusa costume original”
“Ray Benzino what” (from Germany!)
“sad women monologues”
“diamondback hair captain america”
“hip-hop under attack”
“green lantern fucking hawkgirl porn”
“red gold and green” (from Italy!)
“pulsar stargrave” (from Austria!)
“starfire mary wilshire”
“Talleyrand quote” (from Latvia!)
“Plastic Man rogue gallery”
“superheroine martial arts kicking”
“logo of black panther from the marvel comic”
“rosencrantz and guil”
“dessert cheeses” (from Canada!)
“big tit secretaries”
“Pepsi Taco Bell Mormon”
“benzino the source” (from the Netherlands!)
“gatorade red stool”
“serpent society”
“Jon Garland shower”
“blackhawks got superpowers”
“dr. psycho bio” (from Germany!)
“hipublicans buchanan”
“baron blitzkrieg”
“O God I could be bounded in a nutshell”
“diet soda demographic”
“Darryl Worley jingoistic”
“superman fucked by villains”
“graduated from the U-N-I-versity” (from Australia!)