September 16th, 2003

flavored with age

Five broad and probably indefensible conclusions I made this morning while walking to work

(...after having discovered that some City of Chicago manhole covers are made in India.)

1. History is a thing of such unimaginable complexity and unexpected consequences that it is next to impossible to know if you are doing the right thing.

2. You never know about economics, and making assumptions will often lead to humiliation or error.

3. The anti-globalist movement, though admirable and well-intentioned, is as doomed as Luddism, unless there is some sort of huge global catastrophe, which may or may not happen and may or may not be a good thing.

4. Libertarianism, Objectivism, and other manifestations of the contract-consecrated, absolutist, ultra-capitalist, anti-communal, individualist mode of thought are stupid. As the problematic Boyd Rice says, we live in a world where people fantasize that they could make their way on their word and their skills, when in fact most of us couldn't even make a pencil on our own if we had to, let alone the things on which we've come to depend in this society.

5. When I don't bring a book, my mind tends to wander when I'm walking to work.
flavored with age

Eat it, Bendis

Okay, so I just read the most recent issue of "Powers". And goddamn if it didn't give me hope for the current plot arc.

Now, I don't say that it saves the current plot arc, which I fear is taking the series where it doesn't need to go. (Not that this isn't a story that should be told; indeed, it's a story I'm passionate about and am irked that very few people, with the exception of Neil Gaiman and the indefatigable Alan Moore, have bothered to address, and it's a story that I myself am trying to tell in my crappy novel, which will now be accused of being a "Powers" rip-off, fuck you very much Brian Michael Bendis. It's just that I'm not sure if "Powers" is the book it should be told in.) But, coming in the wake of the incomprehensible "Masturbating Monkeys" issue and the poorly written "Superman the Barbarian" issue, it shines: it's well-written and complex, if a bit given over to the sort of Big Gesture that Bendis likes to make, because he loves comic books, God bless him.

So, right as I was gonna quit buying it, thus saving me three bucks a month that I could spend on food or bills or back issues of "Liberty Meadows", I'm right back to liking it again. Goddamn it.
flavored with age


I done started a community so's we can play us up a game of NOMIC!

If you don't know what the fuck that is, it's a game, invented by a philosophy professor named Peter Suber to teach his students about the process of making laws, in which changing the rules is a move. In fact, changing the rules is kinda the point of the game.

It's lots of fun, particularly if you are a process nerd, have a political bent, like pretending you are a dictator, or just generally like fucking with people. Here's where the community is at, including the rules we'll be starting with:

If you want to play -- AND WHY THE HELL WOULDN'T YOU? -- just give me a heads-up via comment or e-mail and I'll make you a community member. Man this will be total hella fun! Trust me. Or die.