September 25th, 2003

flavored with age

Adventures in referral


“if I were a villain”
“Liz McKenna”
“love shots”
“dignity of labor”
“cooking with peaches”
“Jonn Jonzz Martian Manhunter” (from France!)
“rouge the bat naked”
“pitcher of jesus son of god” (from England!)
“I’ll show you the life of the mind”
“Rick Casablanca good vs. evil”
“benzino source” (once from Canada, once from the Netherlands!)
“platform hookers”
“statue of liberty”
“is soda pop bad for you?”
“wayne boring”
“issue regarding dignity of labor”
“ludic quesada” (from Venezuela!)
“histrionic character”
“herb-ox potassium”
“water into wine trick”
“blackfire sister starfire origin”
“benzino volume 3”
“golden age catwoman”
“cinnamon krunchers”
“riddler costume for toddlers”
“the real poison ivy costume”
“crack whores”
“glow stick manufacturer”
“consistency is all I ask Tom Stoppard”
“Pepsi print ads red blue”
“a funny language misunderstanding on holiday”
“creature commandos Velcro”
“thalia assuras” (from Canada!)
“playin’ the dozens” (from England!)
“songs about flying”
“itty green lantern”
“which soda pop has the most caffeine?”
“modern wing chun”
“Girl of Thousand Gimmicks”
“interview with the vampire fangs”
“shoes slave”
“ingredient list for diet pepsi”
“slave man”
flavored with age

Edward Said, rest in peace

A great writer, an influential thinker, and the most prominent Arab intellectual in the West -- perhaps in the world. His tremendous book, "Orientalism", made a huge impression on me that has lasted for many years. I'd known he was sick, but it's a damn shame he's gone, especially now: he'd been one of the most intelligent and outspoken voices against the US foreign policy in the middle east, right up to the end.

He will be missed.
flavored with age

Oh, those crazy LGFers

A while back, I wrote a "poem" here on my LJ which consisted of quotes from a discussion board on the ultra-right-wing web log Little Green Footballs. Amused by the level of maniacal Arab-hating and absurdly overblown rhetoric displayed there, I figured I'd goof on them for a bit.

Apparently, one of them found the entry, and a bunch of them headed over to scold me. One of the biggest criticisms seemed to be that I was amusing myself at the expense of murdered infants (the quotes I used came from a message board about the bus bombing in Jerusalem).

Well, as you may know, Edward Said died today. Said (who, despite the remarkable ignorance of his life displayed on the LGF boards, was born in Jerusalem and was a Christian and not a Muslim) was a personal hero of mine: a brilliant scholar, a paradigm-shifting historian, an insightful literary theorist, and a highly accomplished linguist. He was an intellectual giant who added a tremendous amount to several different fields of knowledge, and he was a fearless proponent of civil rights for the Palestinians under Israeli occupation. He thoroughly analyzed (and refuted) a century of Western misperception of the Arab world in his groundbreaking book "Orientalism", and he was one of the (sadly) few people on either side who could discuss the whole Arab/Israeli issue in a rational way.

So, having scolded me for my reaction to their allegedly sincere grief over the deaths of those Israeli children, surely the LGF crowd wouldn't do the exact same thing themselves and post a bunch of crazy bloodthirsty lunatic nonsense over the death of this respected, beloved figure, right?

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