September 29th, 2003

flavored with age

End of the month, end of an icon set

Yes, the month is almost out, and it's time once again to pick a new icon set for October. Grody celebrities have done a journeyman's work but it's time for them to go to the folder where old jpgs go to die. Once again, I rely on the legions of bored LiveJournalistos to decide what set I should use next.

Here are the choices:

1. French postmodernist philosophers and literary theorists
2. Hard rock superstars of the 1970s
3. Hong Kong action movie stars
4. More forgotten breakfast cereal mascots
5. White Sox players of the recent and distant past
6. Detourned photographs of porn stars

Again, anything that doesn't win will show up again.

Vote early! Vote often! It's the Chicago way.

Poll #185655 October icons

What icon set should I use next?

Frog philosophers
'70s cock rockers
Graduates of Kung Fu U.
More goddamn cereal
Ugly Sox
Porn, porn and more porn
You know, I thought I had a fuck I could spare, but it turns out I don't, so I can't give one
Are you going to do this every month?
I think you should just have 10 pictures of your wang
The fact that this poll exists is testament to either America's success as a nation or your failure as a human being, but I'm not sure which
flavored with age


Ms. O'Connor quit the music business 3 years ago to become a lesbian priest. After having announced that she was just kidding about the lesbian thing and the priest thing, she now announces that she was just kidding about the quitting the music business thing as well by releasing a 'farewell' CD, her second.

The CD appears to be in the vein of well-on-her-way-to-becoming-as-crazy-as-Tori-Amos-and-Sinead-O'Connor singer Fiona Apple, judging from its unwieldy title: "She Who Dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High Shall Abide Under the Shadow of the Almighty".

Apparently ignorant of the fact that she is famous not for being a singer, but for being insane, O'Connor announced on her website:

"I seek no longer to be a 'famous' person, and instead I wish to live a 'normal' life, could people please afford me my privacy. By which I mean I would like not to have exploition of my self or my name or anyone connected with me by newspapers. I also mean that (with love) I want to be like any other person in the street and not have people say there is Sinead O'Connor. As I am a very shy person, believe it or not.

"So I ask with love, that I be left in peace and privacy by people who love my records. My advise to anyone who ever admires a so-called 'celebrity' if u see them in the street, don't even look at them. If u love them, then the lovingest thing u can do to show them so is leave them alone and don't stare at them! ... Or make them get their picture taken, or write their names on bits of paper. That's pieces of them. And one day they wake up with nothing left of themselves to give."

A team of highly trained normal human beings is being dispatched to Ireland to explain to Ms. O'Connor that the best way to be treated like a regular person is not to release new 'farewell' albums every few years accompanied by deranged public pronouncements about yourself that you will immediately contradict.